Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Survey Says...

Good Answer!
Good Answer!!

Please tell me you were thinking that, too, right? I love some Family Feud. The family clap is actually my favorite part of the whole show; the best is the awkward nod when someone comes up with the worst answer and the whole family has to pretend like someone else might- just maybe- could have said that for a point or 2.

Oh, I could ramble about game shows all day long {don't get me started on Press Your Luck; I think that was my favorite show of all childhood}.

But I promised a review of the Blog Survey I asked you to take the other day and I want to deliver. Because I'm like FedEx, without ringing the door bell during nap time.

First of all, THANK YOU so much for taking it! Over half of the visitors that day filled it out and I had such an overwhelming response that I had to pay to join Survey Monkey in order to read the rest of the results.

Yes, Jason thanks you, too.
He LOVES a good $20 charge. :)
But I didn't mind at all!

On to the feedback:
1) How often do you read this blog:

53% said every day if I would get off my bum {emphasis mine- not yours} and post every day.
33% said every 2 or 3 days.
Thanks! That's so nice!

Things I'm going to work on:
I'll do better about posting every day. I have a plan and keep a journal for post ideas each day, but it's like exercise; I prefer to sleep somedays.

2) Do you subscribe to The Other Mama:
51% Yes
47% No
And lots of questions!

Here is the low down on subscribing:
There are several websites that allow you to pick your favorites blogs and have their "feeds" {updates/ new posts} filtered to one page for you. Google Reader, Bloglines and several others are out there. You would go to one site and read everything you want to read.
You can click "Follow" over there on the right and have this page automatically linked to Google Reader.
Or, you can subscribe through each of the pages that offer the service.

You can go to one place and read everything.
Most people who read more than 10 blogs use this.

I only know of one application through Firefox {a web browser} that allows you to comment in the reader page. Without using this, you have to click to the site, then comment.

You should know:
I'm a dork, read dozens {and dozens} of blogs, and still prefer to click to the site.
And that's why my Google Reader page has over 1000 posts yet to be read {they stop counting at 1000}.

Google Reader shot
But, one day I will have time to do it that way. Yes. I'm sure the time fairy will show up and sprinkle 4 extra hours into each day to allow me to read and comment on all the blogs I love.

And it's not that I haven't read these, I just haven't read them in the reader. I have actually read ALL of your posts and I do not sleep.

Things I'm going to work on:
Reading YOUR blogs and getting a very easy way set up for you to subscribe by email.

3) How did you learn about The Other Mama:
40% know me in real life
39% saw me on someone else's blogroll

And the comments on this were priceless. I had no idea Jason's whole office read.
Hello there, office!
And y'all found me from Compassion blogging, InCourage, The Bump Award and I Swear I'm Not a Stalker, but I know ___ who knows you from ____.

If you happen to write a blog {one of the questions I wanted to ask, but ran out of space}, you know that we don't mind where you are from or how you know us- I'm just beside myself that people read it! Are you kidding me?
That's one of the greatest blessings.

And NO, you aren't a stalker. This deserves a post in it's own right, but I've invited you into our lives.
I won't share anything that I wouldn't share if you were a guest in our home, so you are welcome to stop by anytime. I'm truly honored that you're here.

My very favorite response was:
"You are my first born daughter."

Thanks, Mom. Glad you read.

Things I'm going to work on:
Writing a post about why you are NOT a stalker.

AND, this seems like a perfect place to say THANK YOU to the people whose blog has sent the most traffic my way this month:

Amy from Amy's Working Wonders Blog
Heather from Especially Heather
Aunt Sister {AKA Mary} from Social Graces
Sara from The Vegas Allreds
Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy
Edie from Life in Grace
Jessie from Vanderbilt Wife

Thank you all so much for having me on your blog roll or giving me a shout out!
You are the best and so are your readers!

4) Are you a Facebook Fan of The Other Mama:
46% Yes
44% No

This was very surprising to me {not the fact that those don't add to 100; the fact that 44% were not in the fan group}.

If you'd like to join, I'd love to have you. I won't send you spam messages or anything. But I post status updates that will show up in your News Feed when I write a new post. It's not nearly as harassing as your college roommate telling you what they ate for lunch.

Things I'm going to work on:
I might- just MIGHT- do a giveaway soon just for Facebook Fans.

Driving the airplane
This picture makes no sense here whatsoever, but this post is long, so I need some pictures.

5) What kind of posts do you most enjoy reading on The Other Mama:
{This was pick as many as apply, so there is not a nice 100% total}
90% Rambling accounts of my everyday life
80% Parenting stories and issues
71% Memories and stories from the past
60% Faith
60% Domestic Topics (remodeling, decorating, etc)

So, tomorrow's post will be titled: How to Pray for your Children While you Reminisce about Painting Your Bathroom.

It will be a doozy- especially if you like rambling.

Things I'm going to work on:
I guess ramble more? I don't know! I love writing about all these things, so I'm happy you like reading them. I guess that's why you're here!

6) What kind of posts do you LEAST enjoy reading on The Other Mama:
{Before you shoot me, I MADE you answer this. And got lots of comments apologizing, hating the survey, etc. You people are too nice. I just wanted to know what you would click if you HAD to.}
27% Music and opinions about pop culture (movies, TV, music)
25% Food (recipes, cooking stories, etc)
18% Domestic topics (remodeling, decorating, etc)

Things I'm going to work on:
Not making you click anything! Wow- you were so mad at the survey! Thanks for that!
It's like the survey cheated on me in High School and you all had my back!

Seriously, I might curve the TV talk... every now and again.
No Whammies, No Whammies! STOP!
{Whew~ Had to get that out.}

7) How do you feel about giveaways:
41% Love them! Bring on more!
41% Like a giveaway every now and then
8% Don't understand/ like the format for registering

Who you love that I've featured before?
Of course, my pal Lisa Leonard! I'll stalk her until she does another giveaway for y'all.

That and she said she'd do one anyway. So, I'm excited about that!
Blissdom 5

Things I'm going to work on:
Finding more products you would love!

Speaking of that...

8) I'm considering accepting advertisers on The Other Mama. What are your thoughts on that:
35% I'd be fine with it as long as there weren't flashy ads everywhere
34% I don't mind either way
29% I would love you to highlight some moms/ companies that you trust

Thank you for all your input, too! I have a great base of folks to start!

Things to work on:
I'm excited about this new possibility and will definitley keep you updated as things change.
I really would love to tell you about other women/ moms who have amazing products that I love.
If I can do that and use the money to pay for this hair cut, well that might be a good combo.
getting hair cut
Still no point, but see how I worked it in?

9) How do you prefer I respond to comments in each post:
63% I don't necessarily expect a response
26% With a personal email

If you have your Blogger account set up to show your e-mail address, I will most likely email you a response, if I can. Come on. You can do it!

I also asked "if you don't leave comments, why don't you?"
And most responders said they were clearly in stealth mode {and my favorite: "I can't even believe I'm taking this survey"}, so that's perfectly fine. Several people also said they prefered to comment on Facebook.
Whatever floats your boat, my friends. Just as long as you let me know you're out there every now and then.

Here's the scoop:
{Again, if you write a blog, you know this} Blog writers love comments.
They are better than frozen Thin Mints- oh yes- I did just say that.
It just makes a writer feel loved. And if we can then respond back to you, that makes you feel loved and we might actually become friends. And I like that.

I will be completely shocked, though, if anyone actually finishes reading this post AND comments. You deserve some sort of medal if you make it.

10) What is your favorite part of The Other Mama? What would you like to see more of or introduced to this site? {this was a write in only answer}
Y'all were all so nice. I really expected some nasty people, but there was not even ONE troll out there.
All I can muster is thank you from the bottom of my heart. You completely and totally make my day- every day.
I will do my best to keep making you laugh through transparent stories and real life stuff. It seems that we all need to be reassured that we aren't the only ones who remember Sam and Libby shoes and somehow we are going to make it through the day without killing our children.


Thank you so much for taking that survey and indulging me to share the results with you!

May you only have Good Answers and No Whammies in your day.


The Writer Chic said...

I read, and I'm commenting, because you said something about a medal (I want it, preferably fashioned by one Lisa Leonard extraordonaire), and because my nameless child does not care that it is almost 1 AM. She wants to play. So help me God, if I'm up 10 more minutes, I'm lulling her to sleep with Rice Krispie treats.

Erin G said...

read it all the way through. And now leaving my first comment -- heck yeah I'm delurking.

I'll take a gold please. In snowboard cross if I am allowed to specify.

Amanda said...

Where's my medal? J/K! My sister got married this past weekend and there was a slide show at the rehearsal dinner and I laughed so loud when I saw an Easter picture of us and I was wearing my pink Sam and Libby's - totally thought about your recent post! Coming to Huntsville for the Amos Lee concert April 9th - can you hook me up with a good restaurant recommendation for dinner before?

Amanda said...

Where's my medal? J/K! My sister got married this past weekend and there was a slide show at the rehearsal dinner and I laughed so loud when I saw an Easter picture of us and I was wearing my pink Sam and Libby's - totally thought about your recent post! Coming to Huntsville for the Amos Lee concert April 9th - can you hook me up with a good restaurant recommendation for dinner before?

Stephanie B said...

Ok, here I am.... I think you're gonna need a few medals to hand out. ;-) And I don't even care that I have, like, 10 minutes to get my daughter dressed, teeth brushed, hair fixed, shoes on, and out the door for school.... well, ok, I do, so I'll stop commenting now. You're SO funny!!! (And yes, I have stopped drinking my coffee while I read your blog. Too many close calls on the keyboard shower!) Ok, really gotta go now...

The Gunter Family said...

This just reminded me to add you on the sidebar of our blog!! :) You are there now!

Anonymous said...

Mwaahahahaha!!! I read the WHOLE blog post, AND I'm commenting!

You're the best, Hillary, and I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

Rachel @ CrazyTown said...

I totally had "No Whammies, No Whammies, STOP!!" in my head from the start of your blog and Press Your Luck was my favorite game show too. You know they play old reruns on the Game Show channel or whatever it's called. I took your survey and I even read this post, medal please!! I even have you on my sidebar. I can't wait to see what is coming from you. You really have inspired me to get into my blog more and I thank you for it. My husband doesn't understand it but more and more I am putting myself out there. Thank you Hillary!

Dawn said...

jeez... were you kidding about the medal? i love to read your stuff... rambling or not. thanks for adding laughter to my day!

LizzieV. said...

Commenting! Glad the survey was a love fest (maybe the US Census can take a few pointers.) I'll own up to complaining-- in a nice way, I hope-- about the dislike question. I'll join FB this week; I've got some FB issues I also have to iron out.

You know, you ought to have your own "How to Do Your Blog Up Right" class here in town for the clueless like me!

VanderbiltWife said...

This post makes me love you ten times more than I already did.

I love game shows.


Ashleigh (Heart and Home) said...

I've said it before and I'll say it fifty trillion times more. I heart you and will read your blog until the end of time.

Lisa said...

I love reading your blog and I love it when I get to see you in real life. You are an inspiration. :)

Kate said...

You're one of the only people in the world who can use "Y'all" and "all" in the same sentence and not be annoying. Must be some kind of whammy charm on your blog...


That said, I have a powerpoint template for medals if you need it. We had Olympic vacuuming at my house complete with a medal ceremony and podium!

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

I thought your survey was fun! I like clicking. It makes me feel like I am taking a quiz in YM magazine as I did the majority of my tweenaged life... back when bright blue eyeshadow and navy eyeliner were musthaves in your caboodle.

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

You weren't kidding about it being a seriously long post, I have always been a Jeopardy girl. I can't wait to see whats to come.

Kaycee said...


Yes please. :)

I want the Game Show Network just for the reruns of this show.

I want a medal! ;-)

Ivy said...

Girlfriend, blog comments are not better than frozen Thin-Mints!!!!!! I had almost a whole sleeve for breakfast. Baby Weston/Paisley made me do it!

Erin Ramsey said...

I totally remember Sam and Libby shoes! I wanted them in every color.

I have been a blog lurker for about a year. Last week I launched my very own blog!! It's fun!
You're right about the comments....so far all the comments I get are from people I know and don't blog.
I also get lots of comments on my facebook page instead of my blog. hmmm?

I like your style, you write like I would imagine you speak. That's awesome.

Kelly said...

Count me in a as a someone who read the ENTIRE post while I was at work. Can you say "time stealing"? I am an expert!

Have a great day!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Where's my medal???


melissa said...

you are just too too funny! Had a ball watching H at gym today, love the beatles shirt! My kind of kid!

Rebekah said...

OH My GOSH! Whammy! That is what Beth and I called the show. We loved it. :) It was our favorite show. We sat in front of the TV with our Grandfather everyday screaming 'NO WHAMMY NO WHAMMY!!". Of course I read the whole post, I always do.

dawn said...

Can my medal be like the super cool olympic ones!?!

I love your blog. I want to be you when I grow up (even though I'm sure I'm older than you).

Diana said...

You could make The Other Mama medalist Facebook flair, though I know you don't necessarily like the extraneous FB stuff. It'd do it, but I'm stuck at a hotel that charges for internet in the room. Which also explains why I've had to make multiple attempts at making this comment from my phone (please excuse any typos).

Amy said...

Awwww, Hillary, I am honored to have sent readers your way! Thanks for the shout-out :)

e.t. said...

um, since it seems like everyone else wants the medal... can I have a frozen thin mint?!?! Fun tip: try putting those into a milkshake! Your family will be reminded what a queen you really are!!!

Also, I have a blog too

SMH said...

First-time commenter. Love your blog. I'll try to comment from now on. :)

Donna said...

Well done Hill- and this comment is just for you- I don't comment when I'm in whirlwind-run-down-the- bloglines mode- where I click on all the names in my sidebar. But now that I know it means so much I will try to stop and give OM a shoutout. Love ya!

mary caroline said...

dibs on a percentage if you accept sponsors since I send a lot of traffic your way :)

Anonymous said...

First. You are SO funny and adorable.

Two. I just could not make myself take the survey. Tried, but.just.could.not. :-)

C. I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

First. You are SO funny and adorable.

Two. I just could not make myself take the survey. Tried, but.just.could.not. :-)

C. I love your blog.

Elyse said...

Wow, I can't believe I just read the whole post. I kept thinking I'd go back to it. Then, I saw you had 32 comments! Wow! I'm not the only one who reads you girlie! The photos definitely helped, and were a bit entertaining. Hope you're still feeling pretty good. I think you're going to love having a girl!!!

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