Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Best Dad!

Just wanted to give a belated blog shout out to my hubby for being the best dad to our little ones that he could be! He is super fun, very handy and he tolerates me- which is supposed to be pretty important.
Hope you had a great Father's Day, Jason!

Here is what we got Jason for Father's Day:
- a monogrammed dress shirt for work- from Land's End- they have my favorite (pin point, no iron oxford).
- a daily devotional (Can't find the link on lifeway.com, but it's a book about a basketball coach- Coach Wooden- apparently famous)
- a neat book about raising boys to be men for dads
- AND, a gift certificate to a fancy spa.

That's right. You read the last one correctly. I was having my wonderful massage and facial on Saturday (my mother's day gift certificate came to fruition) and I just kept thinking how much Jason would love it! He would NEVER go to a fru-fru massage place like Terreme- which is right around the corner from us, but he would secretly love it if he did. And, if he is too macho to bite the bullet and walk in there, then he can just give the certificate to me, right? I figured it was a win-win gift. He says he's going to get a "sports massage", so at least they name it so than manly men will go.
Hope you all had a great Father's Day with your families.

Here is a funny supermodel picture of Harris- because posts with pictures are more fun!


annieck said...

GREAT gifts, Hil! :)
LOVE that picture. TOO TOO CUTE!

Laura said...

I'm gonna have to keep that shirt as a gift idea! Very fun! And love, love, love Mr. Harris' "Blue Steel" pose!

nick, robyn and taylor said...

Ok, that picture of Harris is hilarious. It is what Nick calls "the timeless are of seduction pose".

Donna said...

I love that picture of Harris- work it!

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