Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weird Wednesday

Today has been full of highs and lows.

One of the highs has been that we picked these hydrangeas yesterday and they are still beautiful! I love fresh flowers on a table- especially ones you don't have to pay for. And, to top that, ones that you don't have to care for. This bush takes care of itself and I haven't done a thing to it (although, I think the sprinklers hit it).
For lows, I haven't slept enough and it is showing! I went to bed at 10 last night, but woke up at 4:30 with Owen saying. "Where are you, Diego?", "Where are you, Alecia?". Too much TV, you think? Anyway, I have been sending blank e-mails today, not able to get things to print, telling people weird things (just in general have not had my act together). I called it a day with work when I just went upstairs and fixed myself a glass of milk (to go with my chocolate chip cookies) in a sippy cup. YES! Straw and all. Nice.
To end on a good note, my $1 makeup came in today!! Hoorah! I was missing 3 items from what I ordered, but other than that it was all there. I'm sure they probably ran out with the massive amount of people and things being ordered at $1. Here's my loot. Overboard? Yes. But it was JUST ONE DOLLAR! I'm such a sucker. I'll let you know how it holds up. Probably like $1 makeup should... We'll see. I'm excited no matter what!
Speaking of weird Wednesday, does this picture look off to you?

That would be Owen in Harris's jumper. He loves to sneak in Harris's toys and try to use them. I'm surprised nothing has broken, yet!

Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!


Donna said...

Funny post- yeah for your cheap, nice makeup! Now get some tylenol pm and go to bed at 8:00!

annieck said...

Beautiful flowers!!! :):)
4:30...WOW! That is like super duper early! Get to bed early tonight!!! Hopefully you won't need the Tylenol pm. ;)
Love the picture of Owen in Harris's jumper. Glad to know Tristan isn't the only big kid who does that.

Jenny said...

I had a weird Wednesday, too! Stuff just didn't go right at work AT ALL. I blamed it on the fact that I'm a year older, so the cobwebs are starting to form in my brain... yeah, that's it! :) Hope your tomorrow is better! I got an e-mail that my $1 makeup has been shipped, so I'm expecting it anyday now!

Emily said...

LOVE the hydrangeas. I've planted about 4 of them over the years and cant get them to grow big enough to produce blooms like that!

Laura said...

I am still waiting on my $1 makeup, but since you got yours, mine hopefully is not too far behind! The brushes look nice!!

Carrie said...

I was missing 3 items on my order as well. hmmm...oh, well.

That pic of Owen just cracks me up! He looks so proud of himself. I can't imagine trying to get him OUT of that thing.

LeAnne said...

YAY for the $1 make-up! What a haul! Hope that you caught up on your rest...i feel your pain, both of my kids are SUPER DUPER EARLY RISERS.

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