Friday, June 13, 2008

The War in {my} Wardrobe- Part 2

Yesterday afternoon, I was exhausted from kiddos and work and I think Jason can sense these things when he walks in the door. Maybe it could have been the tears or the loud sighing at going to the potty for the third time with Owen in 30 minutes with no result.
Anyway, my wonderful hubby walked in and said "LEAVE"- or I think he said it much nicer, but that's all I heard. I was out the door on my way to Marshall's for returns.
OK- here is the stuff I found:

I knew I only had a short time before dinner, so I loaded up the buggy with anything I could think of that might fit/ look decent and I ended up taking 24 things to the fitting rooms. I told myself the men's and children's section was out of bounds and I had to focus just on me. This is harder to do than you think! The girl at the fitting rooms was super nice and I think could tell I wasn't going to steal anything, so she let me take TEN items in at a time! Woohoo! Small things, right?

Out of those 24 items, I came home with 5 tops and 1 pair of pants (the other in the pic is the one pair that mom got that fit). Most of the items were $9.99 or $14.99 and I only ended up spending $13 of my own money after the $80 gift card from returns (thanks, again, Mom!), so I think I did a pretty good job! All things fit properly and the pants are a size 8 10, so I've still got a little ways to go before my goal of fitting properly back in an 8 (or smaller would be fine, too).

Thanks for your support and encouragement! I'm so glad everyone else feels my pain. We can all work on it together! Now, the search for khaki shorts continues! Along with the search for the perfect purse... does it exist?


Sarah Thomas said...

Hill, I just went through the same thing! so funny! last summer I was so big i wont even say my size! the summer before I was a 12. So finally this past month, I have gotten back down to a size 8. I go to dig through my clothes from 2005 so excited that i'm gonna have this whole new wordrobe!!! to my disappointment, that so didnt happen! i had tons of the floral capris! and lots of tops that mommies shouldnt wear!!! So i have been hitting up Kohls once a month. They had a sale last month, buy one, get one free. I'll let you know if that happens again! I'm scared to death of getting prego again! hoping by that time i will have forgotten how fat i was, and just remember how happy i was to have her!

Emily said...

cute clothes! i'm so glad you found some things...and i've been on the purse hunt for probably 8 or 9 months..first (during the winter) i was looking for black. now i'm looking for a white no avail. i do have specific requirements..maybe i'm just too picky!

annieck said...

VERY cute! Glad you found some things!!! :):)

Sherill said...

The perfect purse does exist! I know I saw it. However, it cost $200 . . .oh well

holly said...

Good job Hill! And you did right by bringing lots of stuff in the fitting room. I'm proud! I got my fave purse (fake prada) from chinatown in NYC almost 2 years ago. It has since shown that it wasn't the real deal and torn up, and I haven't been able to find one I adore quite as much since then. Oh well, at least I have cute diaper bags!

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

i CANNOT believe you got all of those tops at Marshall's. You must have an amazing Marshall's near you because I went the other day and couldn't find anything. i LOVE the green top!!!

LeAnne said...

Cute stuff...YAY for you!

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