Monday, June 30, 2008

Cleaning for the Cleaning Ladies

About a month and a half ago, while on our women's retreat, I came to the conclusion that I can't do it all myself. That might seem like a no-brainer to many of you, but I have always thought- without really putting words to it- that I'm super woman and CAN do most things (excluding changing my own oil, squashing bugs- not flies and cleaning baseboards). Anyway, I re-learned that God gave us communities of friends, families and neighbors so that we can get it all done. I am a much better, mom, wife and Christian example when I'm not stressed out. Cleaning is one of my weaknesses, so I've admitted that and enlisted some help.
I decided to make a few cuts in the budget elsewhere and hire cleaning ladies to come twice a month. I found some ladies that came highly recommend that work for $15/ hour/ person and you just tell them how many hours of work you want done. Not bad, huh? There are 2 of them that come for 2 hours ($60 total) and they dust, mop, vaccuum, clean bathrooms, take out trash and even clean the dishes in my sink if there happen to be some there (who am I kidding here- there are always dishes there!).
We had "hep" off and on growing up and pretty consistently from about middle school on and my sister and I would throw fits about cleaning before the cleaning ladies came. I didn't understand the point and thought "If I was going to clean then why in the world do we have these people coming over?", etc. You know the drill.
So, go ahead and file this under, "I NEVER said I would do that!" I was frantically picking up our house this morning before the cleaning ladies were coming. I think this is somewhat different though, because I don't want to pay for their time to pick up toys when I could be paying for them to vaccuum, right? Anyway, as I was hiding cleaning this morning, I had a flashback to childhood and could not believe that I was here- on the other side of this time warp. It's like words flying out of your mouth that clearly resemble your mother's, but were never supposed to come out of your mouth! Wow! Next thing you know, I'll be telling kids to eat vegetables (wait a minute, I already do that!) and asking them to put on a slip (okay, maybe not that one).
Gotta go pay the cleaning ladies! Money weeeeeelllllll spent!


LeAnne said...

very smart money spent....i've been playing with this idea, too. YAY! for you and I definitely agree that we are better wives, mothers, friends etc. when we aren't so stressed out.

Carrie said...

LOL! I did the EXACT thing this morning. I had a cleaning crew come in today to help me get ready for our company coming this weekend. I'm running around the house picking up things, and the thoughts of us cleaning up before "Emma" came when we were growing up flashed in my head. It's so funny and scary how we repeat our mothers...
So does this mean I'm as crazy as I thought my mom was when I was growing up??

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