Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Let the Doting Begin

Blurry shot, I know, but this was the best one of all 3 of them. It was hard to take because they kept looking at Henry! Do I even have to tell you- that is my mom on the right.

My mom has been in town this week helping me with Henry. Thus the lack of posting or commenting- blogging in general has been on hold because we moved my usual computer out of the room where she is staying into my office. It's got me all out of whack. Anyway, Cooper, our regular babysitter is on a mission trip helping the rural poor build houses in North Carolina with our church (how dare she, right?).

Anyway, we have had a lot of fun with GiGi and today we went to eat lunch with Nana (Jason's mom). Henry went with us, so this is how the conversation went:
GiGi (my mom): Isn't he cute?
Nana (Jason's mom): Yes, he's just adorable.
G: What about those eyes?
N: He's precious.
G: What are we going to do with these 2 cute boys?
N: I just don't know. They are something special aren't they!

Et cetera. I could go on.
You weren't going to find anyone to argue with them at our table, so they didn't stop!

I had some pictures there that Melissa had given me of Ollie and a lady at the next table came over to tell us she couldn't help but notice how cute the little boy in the pictures was. Well, that was all they needed to get started again.
We had a great lunch at Victoria's Cafe- a definite old lady hang out. I love it! The strawberry pretzel salad is heavenly. We all got samplers of some sort with macaroni salad, divine chicken salad, pumpkin bread and of course the strawberry pretzel salad. I think Connie got a broccoli and cheese concoction (instead of the chicken salad) that is delicious.
Thank you so much for being here, GiGi! We're having fun!! And thanks to Connie and Mom for lunch! I enjoyed being doted on, too!


holly said...

we were with both sets of grandparents this past week, and I know how you feel! it's good to have someone else confirm how precious your kids are! my mom-in-law told me hadley was a dream while they kept her for 3 nights...she turned right back into a nightmare when I got there!

Sparks said...

Hey-yes I found your blog at Hilarys. I was just checking to see what else she has been working on. I love yours. She does such an awesome job. I'm so glad that I found her. Kept me from having to figure it all out on my own. Thanks for stopping by.

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