Thursday, June 12, 2008

The War in {my} Wardrobe

Let me start by saying that we are blessed beyond all belief. We worship an amazing God in a free country, have healthy children, enjoy life and are truly and overwhelmingly blessed.
With all that said, I'm having some clothing issues lately that you might be able to appreciate. I've had my fair share of thin and thick times. But being pregnant really throws me for a loop in the clothing department. Now that it's super hot (even for really cold-natured me), I'm looking for shorts every morning.
I didn't have regular shorts last summer because I was pregnant. The summer before that I was a size 14 (thick time). The summer before that I was pregnant (REALLY thick time). And the summer before that was 4 years ago and apparently colored bottoms were in fashion then- or at least I thought they were. I have blue, red and hot pink capri pants. Really??
So, for my options in the morning, I have cotton T-shirts that I've bought at Target under the guise of "Grocery Money" and size 14 shorts/ size 10 light denim capris from 5 years ago- some of both pleated. I have started coming downstairs every morning and asking Jason if I should be allowed out of the house in the current ensemble. Most of the time his answer is NO. He has turned into Clinton Kelly.
My favorite shorts right now are baggy, pocketed Columbia shorts that I bought in *gasp* 1998 at Sikes & Khon's while I was in college. They fit (good news), but they are so far out of style and make me look huge (bad news).
Apparently my mom noticed my dilemma while she was here because she went out one afternoon and came back with a slew of clothes for me from Marshall's! THANKS, MOM! Unfortunately, only one pair of pants fit because I'm a little off balance lately. It might be that the clothes were from Marshall's, too, but I feel like my torso has gotten longer and my hips wider with each pregnancy. Can anybody hear me?
What's a girl to do?
Here's the answer: new wardrobe. If only one could afford that. I do need to go What Not to Wear, though and ditch the current clothes (2 closets full) to make myself only wear the stuff that fits.
In the meantime, I'm headed to Marshall's to make some returns in hopes for one pair of khaki shorts from this century and maybe a cute shirt to look "modern" and not mom-dern.
Fashionista- can't wait for your advice!


Emily said...

i can so totally relate! my torso got longer, too! and the hips are just a given. and hopefully you found some cute shorts on your outing. i have had NO luck in that department. all the shorts now seem so short! and/or they are cuffed, which i feel like will draw MORE attention to my already large thighs! i did see some cute chambray looking shorts at the Gap but who wants to pay $45 for one pair..not me! please let me know if you had any luck!

catherine said...

Girl don't even get me started on shorts issues. To get the right size in my legs/hips I end up with a loose waistband that shows the undies. I am wearing a faded pair of black capris from old navy circa 2003 that fit like a glove and some denim ones from target purchased under Shana's watchful stylish eyes. Now that I'm pregnant I just want to give up. This post is hilarious- we all have thick/thin times. Although you have been VERY thin the last several years I've seen you!

annieck said...

I SO feel your pain! I think if Channing hears me yell, "I have NO clothes!" one more time, he's going to run away. It seems that before I had kids (and when I thought that debt wasn't a problem), I had TONS to wear. Thing is, I quit buying clothes, and those trendy things I wore 5-6 years ago are still hanging in my closet (not so trendy anymore). Every season I ask myself this question, "What in the world did I wear last year?"
Thing is, I feel like I know what is in style and could do an ok job of dressing myself, if only I had the money to do so.
Oh well. Like you said, I'm healthy, have a healthy husband and kids, serve an incredible God, and live in a free country. I am blessed beyond measure. I would just like to look good sometimes too! ;)
You just rock your pleated shorts. You never know. You may be the one to bring them back! Oh, and I'm LOVIN' your hubby's honesty. Channing would let me leave the house looking foolish just so that he didn't have to #1 hurt my feelings and #2 have to hear me complain about my clothes. :)

Donna said...

That was Donna posting- don't know why it said keeps doing that.

holly said...

OK, NO Annie! NO pleated shorts! Yes, our bodies change w/ babies, and they will NEVER be the same. I weigh less now than before either of my babies, and clothes still fit funky. Ah, the price we pay for those kiddos. Fashionista says hire me, and you'll be looking fabulous in no time. I'll cute you a summertime/AGD deal ;)

Jenny said...

I'm there, too, Hill. It's no fun. But, I figure it's summer so I can get away with it a little. It will get so hot by the end of summer that anything I wear will look wilty anyway! I hope you found something, though!

Amy said...

I just happened to look at your blog... great stuff!

I had to comment because one of the things on my "list of things to accomplish" this summer was to clean out MY closet(s). I was shocked and embarrassed when it took me 4 hours! And, I had 2 kitchen size bags of "trash" and TWO enormous black yard bags of clothes and ONE of shoes! One person should not have that much stuff!! I donated it all.

There is something very renewing about cleaning out and getting rid of things you've had for years. But, alas, I have nothing to wear again. And I am ready to shop! :-) This time with some control of course!

BTW: I read somewhere about moms that have clothes swapping parties where everyone brings 10 items and you dont pay anything, you just swap- and you always have something new to wear!

Lindsey said...

Hilarious! I am right there with you. I could be a great contestant on What Not to Wear too!

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