Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Henry is crawling... backwards

Did your kids do this? Ollie did it, too, so I'm guessing it's normal although I haven't Googled it or looked it up in the huge "Child Development From Birth to Age 5" book. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've cracked the spine on that book! I normally look things up on babycenter.com or read about it in magazines.

Anyway, Henry was showing off his "mad skillz" this past Saturday morning. Granted, he had on a fleece sleeper and was scooting on hardwood floors, but I've his moves in action on carpet. Here he is on Saturday. He started on the quilt shown in the very last picture:


Emily said...

my kids didnt do this..but i have heard of kids who do.. no uncommon. he is so stinkin' CUTE!!

LeAnne said...

That is the most adorable little face!! Ryan did some backwards crawling for a while before he finally figured it out. Kylee Anne, on the other hand, has been full steam ahead since the beginning. You're right, tho, it is very common and pretty cute, too.

annieck said...

That is SO funny! My boys didn't do it, but I've seen babies in the church nursery doing it.
Your boys are SO beautiful!!! I just love seeing their pics!

Jen said...

A guy I worked with had a son and he did this all day when he was at the office up here. It was pretty funny. Too adorable!

Donna said...

Okay mommy- no more leaving me alone on the floor- I'm on my way! My cousin always crawled backwards and then would get stuck under chairs! It's so cute to see them scooting!

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