Sunday, June 1, 2008

Holy Bargain, Batman!

Girls, right now, you need to go to this website:
The Eyes Lips Face (ELF) line at Nordstrom is having a huge sale. Everything is $1! It's like the Dollar Tree, but with nice makeup instead of stale Wheat Thins!
I just stocked up on my favorites: lip gloss (I almost cried when they Mary Kay quit making Cream and Sugar), eye shadow, powder, blush, concealer, foundation with SPF (always looking for that)! The good thing for me is I can always pick out 0100, ivory or Tone 1- with this company- and know that that shade of pasty pale will work for me. Also, I'm super excited about a 9 piece professional brush set (splurged for $15- case included) and a 5 pack of nail polish that I got.
Oh, yes, please don't forget this, too: enter code CAROLINA when you check out and they'll give you 1/2 off the first fifteen items, so you save another $7.50 ('cause I know you're going to have to have at least 15 items for A DOLLAR!)
Woohoo! Great excuse for a little fun shopping!
Special thanks to my dear friend Laura in Austin for sending this info to me!


Sherill said...

I placed my order. Thanks for the tip!

LeAnne said...

wow, hillary...what a deal. i just placed my order, too.

holly said...

PS...I just sounded like Debbie Downer...wah, wah, wah :( Sorry!

holly said...

hey :) We discovered ELF (me, Ellen, Pelham, Stacy, Illy) on a girls weekend, and all placed huge orders. I don't think it's great, but that may be just me. They now sell it at Target, so it loses its Nordstrom appeal. I got some of the makeup, and it smells like oranges, and breaks me out (I have sensitive skin). Just a warning...I do like the lip gloss though!

Hollie and Janie said...

thanks!! i just ordered some lip gloss for me and my sister!!!

Emily said...

i cant wait to get mine. i told some other girls about it, too. one girl ordered one of EVERYTHING on the website! thanks, hill!

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