Friday, May 30, 2008

You're in the Right Place!

For lack of a better or classier way to put this, I've had my blog pimped!!! Can I tell you how excited I am?? I have been getting up and checking my e-mail first thing in the morning to see if I've gotten an e-mail from the AMAZING blog designer, Hilary (one l) and most days I have. She designed this header for us from basic information from me and I love it!!
I can, without a doubt, tell you that she is fantastic at what she does, proficient and creative, gives full details as to how to do this, along with FREE! Yes, that's right- FREE! She is working on building a portfolio and is creating blog designs for nothing! Isn't that impressive?!? But, you'll feel good to know that she has a place on her site where you can make a donation (and I plan to) to her college fund (she's a college student!) for all her hard work. Anyway, I cannot say enough good things about my experience with her and her info is here on the right.
Also, a HUGE thank you to my good friend and photographer Melissa Tash. The cute photos are courtesy of her. The one of Harris on the left is from his 4 month studio session.
We are doing 1 mo, 4 mo, 8 mo and then 1 year shots. That's a little different than what we did with Owen, but had to get shots of Harris for our Christmas cards/ birth announcements (I'll combine anything!) and that's how the timing worked out.
Melissa has always been fantastic. She has taken all of our pictures and I've even recruited her to do the pictures at Owen's school. The picture on the top right of Owen is a from his photo session at SCHOOL! Can you believe that?
She has taken shots of our families outside on Sunday morning, done photo shoots with screaming babies (often), around naptime and with my little boys pee-peeing on her blankets/ studio floor/ towels- whatever is there. Somehow she ALWAYS manages to make us look good! I've walked away many times thinking, "I hope there's one good shot out of that" and there will be more than a dozen. She is really talented and I'm so thankful to know her as a friend, too!

Enough of my rambling, but I am so excited!!! I hope you like it, too!
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holly said...

LOVE IT! I'm totally contacting her. Do you know if she does websites? My company website had been sitting there with my logo only for too long!

LeAnne said...

What a fabulous makeover. Ok, i'm gonna use her too, my blog has been begging for some pimping!!

Jenny said...

Can we all steal her? I love it!

annieck said...

It looks FANTASTIC!!! I LOVE it!!!

Gray Matters said...

Looks great - how clever of her! The boys are so handsome.

Donna said...

Love, love, love your new look! Great job by a girl with a great name!

Emily said...

HILLLLL..I LOVE IT!! it looks great! i think i'll contact her to spiff up my photog blog!

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