Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Snack Attack

Dang that Maria Montessori-

One of the big things that they teach at the Montessori school is how to do things yourself. Normally, this is wonderful. Owen cleans up after himself (with some prompting), puts up his dishes, dresses himself (still working on the finer points of that one) et cetera.

Today, as he was getting his own snack that he gets to choose, M&Ms were his first choice. (We have them here for potty training, but every now and again I'll let him have a few for snack.) Well, the bag wasn't quite closed completely.

And when I asked him how many he thought should go on his plate, this is what he decided:

Needless to say, I took away about 40 or so, but he was still pretty happy with his selection. He also chose animal crackers, banana (mine- that I was currently eating), marshmallows (the tiny ones) and goldfish. His other favorites/ usuals are chocolate graham crackers, carrots with ranch, any fruit, applesauce, cheese its, wheat thins, cheerios, pretzels and fruit snacks.

So, in my striving for transparency, I'll tell you that we did put all the M&Ms back in the bag!!!

Happy snacking!


annieck said...

That is hysterical! I love it!

Donna said...

Of course you put them back in the bag- that's what we do! That is so funny- I think I need to get some M&Ms and start this potty training business with Julia.

Jenny said...

Ahh, the M&M bribe for potty training! We need to jump on that boat soon..
Do they help with that at Montessori, too??
We always put stuff back in the bag, too, unless it's really dirty. We definitely employ the "5-second rule" in our house!! :) I'm loving the sweet angel look on Owen's face as he sits next to his pile on the floor..it totally says, "I just wanted a few, Mom!"

Bragans said...

Hillary, your boys are just precious! I love that Owen chose M&M's plus all his other favorites for snacks. So glad to be in touch with you in the blogging world.

Sigmugi said...

Claudia's new favorite snack is half a bag of miniature marshmellows. Her brother showed her how toclimb the pantry shelves to get at all the snack food.

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