Monday, May 26, 2008

Somebody call Dolly Parton...

I have committed a Southern Crime!
I don't know what has come over me, but I have thrown out (to the recycle bin) my old copies of Southern Living!!! In an effort to clean for our babysitter who will be here tomorrow, I found a huge stack of SLs and decided it was time to let go of them.
If you have somehow stumbled upon this blog and you aren't from the South, well- welcome, but, you might not know the implications of such acts. Southern Living and I go back a long way.
My grandmother had Southern Livings from the 70s in her house. Everywhere. And from the 80s, 90s, etc. Every bath, seating area, side table had some copy of this magazine and, I don't know why, but you are NEVER supposed to throw them away. People have them catalogued in their house for decades (dewey decimal style).
I've been through many stages of adulthood- living on my own, marriage, first job- but nothing has quite felt as grown up as the day I got my very own subscription to Southern Living in the mail- with MY name on it. Whew! Still gives me a little rush.
Anyway, now they have all the recipies online and I've used that before to hunt for old mysterious recipies. And I've never gone back and looked up any decorating ideas from several years ago, so I think it's time to let them go.
Farewell, my Southern Livings. I will not forget you and will find your useful information in cyberspace. I hope you see a new day as another form of paper- maybe another magazine full of ideas, recipies, decorating, gardening and all things Suuu-thun. Bless your heart.


Sherill said...

Such strength! I'm impressed. Throwing out Southern Living magazines is one of the more difficult things--like throwing out Smithsonians!

holly said...

good girl! pass them on to someone else, and bless their day! that's what i do w/ my InStyle and Cooking Light mags. It doesn't feel as bad as actually throwing them away!

Rachel said...

Hill- I feel the same way about Southern Living and I keep all mine too! I remember the day my mom called and asked me if I was ready for my own subscription- I felt like such a grown-up! Love it!

Emily said...

hilll... you are cracking me up today! i know the feeling. i have a whole stack on my coffee table and a basket full beside the couch that just BEGS to be tossed.. just cant do it yet.. you just NEVER know when you might need to refer to them..for something.

LeAnne said...

that is hilarious...i usually have a couple of trees worth of magazines to purge a couple times a year (usually at Jack's insistance, why don't men understand that we might REALLY need something from one of them sometime)...somehow, Southern Living, hurts more than any other.

j e n said...

I ALWAYS get rid of my magazines after a few months... ok, but minus the Architectural Records~ those after a few years. You are saving yourself time by ditching the paper copies and just using the internet... less clutter, less stress???

annieck said...

That is SO hard to do! I have a lot that need to be thrown away (that I NEVER refer back to), but I always think, "I may need that one day...".
I do the same thing with Parents magazine. I...must...let...go.
Thanks for the encouragement! :)

gina said...

OH much pressure in the South! I too have saved many a SL or Martha mag. It may be time for me to purge as well. My need to be greener says its time anyway! Bless your heart and mine too.

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