Friday, May 2, 2008

Chucky Chesus and Nature

These two things have absolutely nothing in common except that we experienced both of them today!
Every year, Ollie's pre-school takes an all school field trip to the Green Mountain Nature Trail. This is not far at all from our house and is a wonderful field trip! There is a beautiful lake and hiking trail around the lake on top of a mountain. It's really beautiful. Very natural, earthy, Montessori-ish and fun. Ollie went with Jason early this morning and they saw turtles, geese and a slew of other animals. The coolest thing in Ollie's book, though, was the firetruck!

They ask the firemen to bring a truck up there and the kids get to sit in the driver's seat, put on the helmets and explore the truck... including the siren! WOOHOO! There was a lot of firetruck buildup at our house this morning, so I'm glad that this was all that we'd hyped it up to be.

Then, we left scenic Green Mountain and had about a 30 minute drive (in town) to Chucky Chesus (rhymes with Jesus). We were off to E's 3rd Birthday Party. E's mom and dad- Jason and Gina- are dear friends of ours from Sunday School. This was the first time we experienced Chucky Chesus (or Chonky Cheese as my dad always called it) and it was a little wild. Tons of fun- just a bit overstimulating. And it was even more so juxtaposed with the serenity that we'd just left!
I think I might be paying for Henry's psychiatrist's and optometrist's bills for a few years. Ollie wasn't wild about Chuck E. Cheese, but he did get to see him in person and LOVED the "animal band". The CEC employee there helping with the party was enthralled with Henry. She kept coming up to him and saying, "Do you see that rat?" referring to Chuck E. I don't know why, but I'm still tickled about it! Is that funny or is it a have to be there thing? She had a kind of country accent, was SUPER sweet, though, but to hear her say it was hilarious. The highlight of our CEC experience was that I got to teach Ollie how to play skeeball- my all time favorite CEC game! He really thought it was fun, too! (You'll be happy to know that there was no pit of balls there. We always loved those as a child, but now as a mom, you hear all these horror stories about how infested they are. They were nowhere to be seen! Hoorah!) We did all the rides and games we could stand and then we all came home for a N-A-P!! Mommy included!
All the girls loved Chuck (he's a ladies' rat).
You can see Ollie clapped and danced from afar.

Again, more therapy for Henry. Really, though, it was a ton of fun!
Hooray! What a great Friday!


Sigmugi said...

Chucky Chesus has been trade marked

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Yes, totally. We did not come up with Chucky Chesus. That would be Claudia Lowe. Owen just took to calling it that, too. I'm sorry I did not give proper trade mark props, Lowes. :-)

annieck said...

HOW FUN!!! Gotta love CEC!!!
I think it is funny that your dad calls it Chonky Cheese's. That's what Channing calls it, and it drives me crazy! I'm glad to know he's not the only one calling it that. :)
I felt like Asher might need some therapy after seeing the characters at Disney. I never thought he would be afraid of them, but he was. Who knew? :):)

LeAnne said...

OMG - Chuck E. Cheese scared Ryan to pieces the first time we went (when he was 2). Now, he loves it there even though we very rarely go. He told me recently he needs to go where "a kid can be a kid". And-Owen's field trip looks like fun!!

Emily said...

we did the CEC thang today, too..i'm wiped out. oh..and skee ball is my fave, too! i kept swiping elizabeth's tokens so i could play.. even played while holding ava on my hip. gotta love it! sounds like yall had a great day! owen looks adorable on the firetruck...and great family shot, too!

Jenny said...

CEC was fun, and I was glad to see that Gannon wasn't the only one who wasn't too fond of the up-close-and-personal Chuck E. If they're going to need therapy for something, at least it is something fun! :)

Donna said...

Okay- now I'm in the mood to head over to Chucky Cheese to 'see the rat'. What a fun weekend- that garden place looks awesome. Did you eat pizza at CEC or are you still on the diet?

Jennifer said...

Hey Hillary!

Blast from the past... enjoyed reading a bit of your blog... got the link from Sara Skaggs. Just wanted to say hello!

Holly said...

Did you know Marcus worked at Chuck E. Cheese's in high school?! Only for a short period of time, but I laugh out loud every time of think of him there!

Holly said...

Did you know Marcus worked at Chuck E. Cheese in high school?! Only for a short period of time, but I laugh out load every time it comes to mind!

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