Sunday, May 18, 2008

Argh! Hats off, matey!

Hats and pirates are really big at our house right now. So, of course, I got a pirate hat and several others at a party store last week. I had forgotten the severity of a rubber strap smack on your face until Ollie tried to take this hat off the wrong way- just a warning for those of you with 2 year olds- you have to teach them to take off the hat properly so they don't end up with a warp line across their cheeks. Here is Henry in his pirate garb at breakfast.
I got Ollie to eat this piece of toast by telling him it was "pirate toast", so now he asks specifically for pirate toast in the mornings. Don't you love those "Great ideas" at the time that come back to get you? Not that this one is bad, but I've had a few bad ones in my illustious career as a mom. That's Ollie wearing a fireman's hat backwards. Jason told him it was a "Fire Chief's hat" this weekend, so he's now asking for the "Fire Cheek hat". Have a great night!


Erika Jean said...

I came via the "next blog button"

Cute kids!!!! I love the pirate hats. I just saw peter pan the play... there were selling all kinds of pirate goodies.

Tara said...

Hey Hillary,

Thanks for checking in on us! It' so good to hear from you. We are in Columbus, GA and enjoying life with a 2 year old. I did get the plate from Target but I think it has frogs or something on it. Anyway, he loves it because it keeps his food you know, this is important to little ones! :) I'm going to add you to my Blogs I Enjoy list if you don't mind and feel free to add ours if you wish! Talk to you later! You're children are precious!

LeAnne said...

Adorabale litte pirate and "fire cheek". We are lovin' pirates these days, too. ARGGGHHH!

annieck said...

LOVE it!!!

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