Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Memorial Day Weekend Project

I love a long weekend! Who doesn't? Especially one where we don't have anything planned. No birthday parties, no mandatory meetings, nothin'! So, what better to do than start a huge project?!
Scouting the area for the swingset location
Jason and I (Read: I) decided that we needed to get a swing set up this weekend.

When we bought this house, we knew that the back yard needed a LOT of work. What we didn't realize is how soon we would need a back yard play area. Ollie was still 1 when we moved in and even a year later- at 2 1/2- he really needs a backyard and playground.

Since Jason is a self proclaimed super dad, he decided that he was going to build this himself. Friday night I did a lot of research online about swing sets/ playgrounds and found a few things we liked at Toys R Us. But, when we got there on Saturday morning, despite a promised truck arrival, there wasn't anything there that we were looking for.

So, then it was off to Home Depot where we found a do it yourself type kit where you buy the pieces in a kit and then purchase the lumber that you need separately. We found one that would fit in our small allotted space and met our requirements: swings and slide. It also had a tire swing option (we got that instead of the net) and a hanging bar/ rings combo- bonus!

So, Saturday we bought everything with the help of Connie and Irv and their truck. Saturday night Jason and I stained/ protected all the lumber. Sunday Jason put it together (I know- working on the Sabbath- tsk, tsk- we skipped church, too- going straight to hell!) and then Monday he got it set up- as in turned over- again with the help of Connie and Irv and our neighbors.
Cutting the lumber, above and then in super dad mode- with vice on head
It has rained most of the week, but we've gotten to play out there 3 times and it has been wonderful! These boys love anything outside and I'm so thankful to finally be able to enjoy a little bit of it with them! (Note: We've put in some mulch, but still need to get more mulch and landscape logs this weekend. This won't be nearly as daunting as last weekend!)Hoorah for Freedom! Thanks so much to all our military servicemen and women for protecting us and allowing us the freedom to do such things. I'm happy to honor you with 3 day weekends!

And a special thanks to Super Dad! You are amazing! We love you!!


Donna said...

That is AWESOME! Jason and family did such a great job- and I LOVE the tire swing! I'm telling you- our playset changed my life. They go out there EVERY day. And I know sweet Harris will like his baby swing!

Sigmugi said...

What a cool project! I am going to do the same thing in my backyard late June.

Jenny said...

Ah yes, we need one of those, too! Looks like Jason had fun doing it, and even more fun watching his boys play on his creation! :)

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

1) is your husband for rent when i want a swingset in MY backyard? it turned out AWESOME.
2) your online diet really inspired me to keep track on my own on our blog. now, when i want a snack..i think, "will i be embaressed for the world to know that i pigged out on this?"...the thought of that is enough for me to push back from the table.
3) porter and i are thinking of having kids in the next 1-2 years. in the meantime, can we rent yours? they are ADORABLE!!! i found myself watching his videos from class the other day...he's very musically talented with those sticks. =)

j e n said...

i feel left out! I not a blog that you enjoy yet... boohoo.... looks like a fun project. Give me a call when they are ready for a clubhouse/treehouse... that would be a really fun thing to design!

Shelley said...

Chip will be all over this as soon as I show it to him...and we get home. He is so proud that he built our deck with a "how to" book that he is ready to tackle anything.

Bragans said...

Hillary, I am so impressed! You guys did a wonderdul job and I know the boys will love it!!

annieck said...

AWESOME!!! I know your kids are LOVIN' that!!!
Every time we go to Sams, Tristan circles the playset. "Mommy, can I get that playground?"

Emily said...

wow.. jason(and team) really did an AWESOME job!! mike keeps saying he can build one for the girls..(im shamefully doubtful). but this looks great! i know the boys are enjoying it!

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