Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Best Kids Music Ever

I am going to go out on a limb and recommend the best kids music ever. There is a Christian kids band called Go Fish and I absolutely love all their albums. (Sorry this picture is so tiny and odd shaped. It, in no way, represents our love for them- only the size of the picture on their website.) Our friend Melanie gave us our first CD as a birthday gift for Owen and it was so cute that I've bought 2 others! Their latest one- Snazzy- is too much fun and we've played it in the car- non-stop. AND- the best praise I could give for it- I listen to it without kids in the car! They just do silly songs- not all about God, but about half and half and all with good lyrics. This new album has The Itsy Bitsy Spider on there with a beat. It's hilarious. They sing the original verse, but then they add some new ones. I think you can listen to bits of all the songs online.

My favorite lyrics are:
The spider has eight legs
to help him crawl about
He's creepy and he's crawly
and he freaks my momma out!
He bugs me
that's the issue
I'm gonna get you
with a tissue

There is also a great song on there for moms that starts:
If you have a stroller
and you're still a rock and roller
You're a MOM!

That whole song is great and will make you choke up- promised- even though it is super cute.
My other favorite is "Jammies" and there are several others that are amazing.

So, this would definitely be worth a purchase, or if you invite us to your next birthday party, we will be sure to bring it as our gift. That's what I'm bringing from now on!


LeAnne said...

We are going to definitely get this. I'm always looking for GREAT cds because Kylee Anne LOVES music. Ryan enjoys music, but Kylee Anne is my rocker! Thanks for posting the recommendation!!

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