Monday, May 12, 2008

The Barbage Truck

Waiting on the front porch for the grand arrival

Tomorrow is the big day. The day when the "barbage" truck arrives. Owen lives for Tuesdays and I hope (every week) that the barbage man gets here early in the morning before I take him to preschool. We must be one of the first streets on their route, thank goodness! One week he let me down, but I've forgiven him.

The first pass of the barbage truck on the other side of the street

There is a large amount of garbage truck build up every week and Owen really does remember it. He asked me this afternoon if he could see the barbage man (he asks about 5 out of 7 days) and I told him that he had to go to sleep and then when he woke up tomorrow morning he could see him. Nothing like using the garbage man for bribery, right?
This is a video from last Tuesday morning. Fortunately, we have trash (sticks, leaf bags and general litter) and garbage trucks roaming around on the same morning, so we all stay at the window or out on the front porch most of the morning- waving to the garbage parade.

Oh, yes, I should mention that Owen has NOT become a black jack or poker dealer. He got this cute visor as a party favor from Emma's birthday party. Gina even included little stickers that spelled out his name and animal stickers. We decorated it this weekend and he loves it. Great party favor idea! Thanks, Gina!


kelly d. said...

that is too cute.... I just laughed and laughed b/c we can so relate.... ours is the bus or the bice cream shruck. Mimi just had to buy ice cream from the truck the last time she was here so I try to destract them everytime I hear that annoying music coming around the corner

Kelly D.

Sigmugi said...

I just found out that Claudia gets as excited to see Owen on the computer as Owen does for the barbage truck.

(Jumping 2.5 years old shouting "There's Owen, There's Owen, There's Owen, There's Owen, There's Owen, ... for well over 30 seconds)

Carrie said...

"See you next week??" A week is an eternity for a 2 1/2 year old! Poor guy has to wait a whole week for the barbage truck.

He's so darn cute...

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

owen is adorable!!! i ran into mrs. holman today at HA and told her about your blog.

annieck said...

Hill, he is SUCH A DOLL!!!!!!! I just want to squeeze him!

Donna said...

Precious boy. You have to get the book "trashy town". "Dump it in, smash it down, drive around this trashy town." It's all about going around town and getting trash. The name cracks me up.

Emily said...

how cute is he?? he has the sweetest little voice!

Hell Raider said...

Pretty boy, I wish him a bright future

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