Monday, May 19, 2008

The Zoo Animals

Today, on an adventure at Marshall's (isn't it always an adventure?), Harris and I picked up a pack of safari animals for Owen. I thought this would be a nice touch to the safari playroom I'm setting up right now (more to come on that when it's fininshed). I knew that Owen has always loved animals, but I had NO IDEA how attached he would become to these animals. He's had them for all of 2 1/2 hours and I have a feeling that they will be part of our family for a while. Included in this package of rubbery kind-of animals is a giraffe, elephant, cheetah, warthog (nice, huh?), hippo and a lion. (I'm listing these so I can remember what is missing at a later date.)

Owen wasn't too sure what the warthog was in the beginning, but he figured it out. When Jason told him he had to share one animal with Harris, though, he immediately tossed the warthog his way. "Here doe, Ha-wis"... as in... you can have the crummy one.
Then, I needed to go make dinner downstairs and asked him if he wanted to watch Diego downstairs. He Lurrrves Diego (who else talks to animals, right?) and he hesitated and said he wanted to stay upstairs. I told him Harris and I were going downstairs, then. Well, about 2 minutes later, he came down holding ALL the animals as best he could and asked if he could watch Diego with his animals. See how he has lined them all up to also watch "tee-bee"?
It was time for dinner after Diego and Owen was getting tired of transporting them from room to room by hand, so he came up with a better idea:
Needless to say, the animals ate dinner with us. They also marched around the rug beside Owen's chair at the dinner table (when they were supposed to be eating dinner), played ring around the rosies, came back upstairs to the new playroom after dinner and it was a little sad telling them goodnight. I'm sure we'll see them first thing in the morning.


becky said...

what cute boys! being the mom of 2 boys is suuuuuuuch a....trip. that's a good word! mine keep me on my toes for sure. we are so excited for little sister to join us soon. i'm not sure what will be worse...the whining that girls do or the fighting/arguing that boys do!
we are in athens. we are gonna probably be moving to hazel green in the next few months, but we will most likely be forever in the HSV area. i can't believe you can manage to work full time from home and keep up with 2 boys. you are my new hero!!

holly said...

ah, boys! love it!

annieck said...

Tristan went through the animal stage BIG TIME last year, and I loved every minute!!! Right now, he is in the dinosaur phase. Equally fun. :)

I am LOVING, LOVING, LOVING the PBK animal bedding. I am WILD over it! I SO want it!!! To me, it is the most fantastic bedding they have ever had. If we didn't just do Tristan's room in sports, I would be investing in the animal stuff. Tell me, is this what you're doing in the room???

Donna said...

Precious- I love baby boys- how they act and especially how they talk. (mine says "here doe" too). And Annie- Hillary is a pottery barn stalker (think tractor room)- so if she isn't using the bedding- she is definitely getting inspired from it! Can't wait to see the pics!

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