Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fair Warning

Here is your fair warning. I'm about to clean up this blog.
I'm willing myself (I won't call it a "resolution", but you get the gist) to make my blog simpler and easier to read.
The "fair warning" part is here to let you know that I'm taking off the other blog links on the right. There are just too many of your fun blogs that I love to read and they are cluttering up things.
So, if you happen to be a lurker or a stalker follower of other blogs that are linked here, please either add them to your favorites, become a follower through Blogger or do what I'm doing- subscribe to their RSS feed. This isn't as scary as it sounds. Instead of clicking on blogs or links to see if they've been updated, you can get all the updates you want sent to a webpage that you check at your leisure. It's actually very easy and makes your life a bit simpler. Here are all the details. Really. Do not be afraid (Mom), you can do this.
Off to do more research to make this a nice and reader- friendly blog! Let me know your ideas if you have them.


Donna said...

HILL!!! I always check your blog to see if other people have updated their blogs b/c I didn't want to clutter up the sidebar of my blog! haha! Guess I'll have to look into this RSS feed thingamajig. Dang.

LeAnne said...

OKAY! I've been thinking I should make the leap to subscribe to everyone with Google Reader but I just haven't done it...I'm sure it will be much easier and will also be a time saver. I'm doing it!! Can't wait to see the new look of your blog:)

becky said...

gasp!!! that just ain't right. i think that is why i made my blog 3 columns last week. it shortened everything. now i need to do some looking. are you giving us a timeline??

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

ok, i took your advice and subscribed all my blogs and such to google is pretty neat and i won't be cluttering up my blog with the updates (although I do like to have the link list with just the names on the sidebar)thanks for the push!

Ashleigh Thompson said...

Love the new look but I want you to bring back the recipe section :)

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