Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What goes up, must come down???

Sweet little Henry yesterday afternoon- feeling fine.

I was wondering about Isaac Newton last night- around 11:00, then around 12:00 and again at 3:45.

Henry has not been briefed on this law, so he decided to test it by throwing up several times last night.
You know what? Newton was WRONG! Everything that went down came up!

Poor little Henry must have eaten something that threw his tummy into a tizzy. At the kids' pre-school yesterday, they celebrated Chinese New Year with Chinese food for lunch. Hmmm. Could that have been the culprit? Or, Jason and the kids ate spaghetti with mushrooms last night (while I had a fab-o dinner with Becky- more to come on that) and mushrooms have made me and Jason sick in the past, but they were out of a can- not fresh. Hmmm.

Whatever was the culprit, you can imagine the lovely color of several spots on our carpet with the combination of spaghetti and Chinese- mixed with a few mandarin oranges. If it were a paint color, I would call it Spewing Coral Surprise. I guess that's why I don't work for the paint naming people.

And we changed the darn crib sheets 2 times (once was entirely on the carpet). I swear that is more than I've changed them in the past 6 months! Crib sheets are the HARDEST things to change. Apparently he'd had enough of that sheet- and the next two that we wrestled with in the wee hours of the morning.

So, 3 pair of pajamas, 2 cups of juice and 2 tired parents later, Henry finally went to sleep and, I hope, got it all out of his system.

He's eating cookies right now for snack and has been fine all day. I have now explained to him Newton's Law of Motion and told him that there would be no "tossing" of these cookies. He just smiled because he knew that I would love him and clean up after him no matter what he tosses. Maybe he's smarter than Newton...


Tara said...

I'll take a wild stab at it...maybe eating BOTH the spagetti and chinese food? Maybe they just didn't mesh well in his little belly. It's always a guessing game with these little ones :)

LeAnne said...

OH NO!! NOT FUN!! Oh, how i detest stomach woes...I will do pretty much anything to avoid my children getting a bug...ANYTHING!! I hope little Harris is feeling better and that tonight will bring a restful night for you guys! And the mental image I have of the Chinese and spaghetti with mushrooms combo is LOVELY...thanks!!

Hollie and Janie said...

Just the list of all that food is making me a little nauseated!! Poor Harris, poor you, and jason!!I hope yall had a better day today and a very boring night!!

BASSakward Tales said...

i am so sorry...that is awful...we had a bad gi bug at the nursing home that i brought home..yea my family was so thankful...

annieck said...

Oh, that's SO sad...for you, Jason, AND Harris.
I hope he's feeling much better!

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