Thursday, January 22, 2009

When we last left the breakfast room...

It looked like this:
Then Monday night we put the chair rail in and painted the bottom half:
Same wall shown here, but just FYI, this is what the rest of the breakfast room- where we eat ALL our meals- not just breakfast- looks like:
We are renaming it the disaster room for the time being.

Tuesday night we had sex training (Please read the link if you don't what I'm talking about. It wasn't nearly as fun as that sounds.) then Jason had a "meeting" Wednesday night. But, we did plan the layout for the squares after he got home from the bar with his friends his meeting.

So tonight I had a school board meeting (not at a bar, unfortunately), but we penciled in the places for these gems and Jason hung them while I was gone! I think it's shaping up!
We still have several squares left to do, but the majority are done.

If you noticed the big space at the top of the ceiling it's because we are putting new crown molding up there. We're using 12 foot pieces and this is what ghetto fabulousness looks like bringing home 12 foot molding:
Talk about blind spot! I had a blind SIDE.

Here are the things we have left to do:
- Paint crown molding.
- Hang crown molding.
- Hang rest of squares.
- Putty all cracks.
- Touch up with both paint colors.
- Re-install all outlets and switches.
- Decorate the darn room so it doesn't look like you're staring at the sun.

In case you're interested, all the wood supplies are from Lowe's. The paint is, too: the yellow color is Deep Cowslip #5 by Laura Ashley and the bottom color is actually left over from when we moved in. It is from Sherwin Williams and is called Creamy- because nothing is actually called white!

And the chair rail is supposed to be 1/3 of the way up your wall, but we have to deal with an air vent, so ours is a little taller than that. Our walls are 8 ft. and the chair rail is at 35 inches.

The squares are 14 inches across by 23 inches tall and they are hung approx. (depending on wall length) 6 inches apart and are even from top of base boards and bottom of chair rail.

OK, sorry to bore you, but if you are a design person that might help.

And I've temporarily moved my computer station to the same breakfast room since the office is so cold. So goodnight from the yellow surface of the sun.


Gray Matters said...

Y'all are making great progress - I love the trim below the chair rail. Now, maybe you could write a post about being motivated to complete such tasks - we can't even get paint colors picked out.

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

it looks great! love the boxes under the chair rail, very classic looking! can't wait to see it all done.

Hollie and Janie said...

I think yall are doing a fabulous job! It looks so good. I can't wait to see the finished product! Good luck with your middle schoolers! That is such a tough age!! I know yall will have all the best answers!

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

I love the remodeling pictures. You are inspiring me to take on such projects when we get into a house soon. Thanks!

Donna said...

Looks awesome! I LOVE the boxes! Thanks for the details on them OH-and I just now read your older post and WHAT IN THE WORLD! Do they even know you guys? What was your church thinking- they are basically asking a stand-up comic to do the sex talk. I bet it will be hilarious...and informative. I'm so glad you are serving the youth in this way!

becky said...

it looks awesome!! i'd hire yall!! can't wait until tomorrow night.

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