Monday, January 5, 2009

My New Love

I'm having a new love affair. My compatriot is short and stocky, but don't let that fool you. He is clean and shiny- just like I like 'em. I push his buttons and he does just what I tell him to do. And he can take anything I can dish out.

His name is Whirl. Whirl Pool. And he is a gold edition. (I think that means he wears a big gold chain.)
Is it a little sad that I am over-the-top-beside-myself excited about this dishwasher? I think NOT! If you had seen my old dishwasher (it did have a bottom panel, but this was right before the guy removed it):
Then you would know my pain. I got the serial and model numbers and still couldn't find out what year it was originally made. The installation guy thought it was around a 1988 model- 20 years old!
In order for a dishwasher to be installed, you have to take out all the things from under your sink. Amazing what all is in there! (Jas: I found the GOO GONE!!! It only took 6 months!) I had about 4 Lysol sprays, 2 big bottles of Murphy's Oil Soap and 14 different ways to clean my counters/ windows/ carpets, etc. It just kills me that none of these get used. What a shame. I did reorganize and toss a lot of things, because I didn't want the new dishwasher to be embarrassed of his neighbors.
Without further ado, here he is:
Stainless front, buttons on the top where no children can touch them (for about a week until they figure it out) and a nice handle that says, "pull me open and all your cares will go away". Or something like that... It also has the flatware rack in the door and the top shelf is adjustable. If I could type while I was jumping up and down I would be doing both.
Here are some tips I learned from the install guy:
1) He says to ALWAYS use Jet Dry. How about that? I've NEVER used it and he said it was the best thing you could do. I wonder if he works for them?
2) Most new washers prefer and even say in their manual to use granulated soap- not the liquid kind. Hmph! I've been using liquid for as long as I can remember- from Sam's, of course. I guess I'll switch to those little tablets. He said those were great.
3) Don't turn off the dishwasher when the install guy takes your old washer out to the car. He is performing some sort of test and will get mad at you.
I would like to thank my in-laws for this wonderful Christmas present! Only my mother-in-law could give me a dishwasher without me being offended. She knew I'd love it!!!!
I guess all that's left to say is, "Welcome home, dishwasher. Welcome home."


annieck said...

HOW NICE! Good for you, Hil!!! :) I know you're lovin' it!

annieck said...

Oh, and I LOVE the tablets. I use Electrasol. They're the best. :)

Darby said...

I am so excited for you! I use Electrasol tablets too... they're the best!

Lisa said...

I'm so jealous!

Jennifer said...

Nice Christmas gift!

Hollie and Janie said...

does he have a brother?

cd said...

Glad you like it! Looks great (modern and sophisticated, as Ismael would say).

Reagan said...

That is quite a fancy dishwasher!!! BTW, I have loved reading your blog - your are too funny! Illy Reiker

Reagan said...

That is quite a fancy dishwasher!!! BTW, I have loved reading your blog - your are too funny! Illy Reiker

becky said...

"does he have a brother..." now THAT's funny!! and i also only use the electrasol tabs...BOUGHT @ SAMS!!

BASSakward Tales said...

i am so dishwasher has been possessed by something similar to the Exorist...anyway..he is pretty...isn't it funny what makes us girl happy!!!

Gray Matters said...

You didn't tell us about the noise level - we can only run ours at night when we're sleeping because it's too loud to talk over or watch tv over. We have to use liquid because we're on well water and a septic system.

Lindsey said...

wonderful present and very attractive! i have not tried the electrasol tabs, but guess i need to?!

~k said...

GREEN with Envy!!!
I bet mine is older than your old one!

Carrie said...

So does Mr. Pool actually get plastic sippy cups dry? What a dream machine!

You know this was a present for Mom as much as it was for you! ;-)

Hadley said...

I just found your blog this morning from Rocks, and I've loved reading! You are too funny! Glad you like your new dishwasher. When we bought our new house, it came with an awesome dishwasher...funny how those things make us so happy. I'm glad your mother in law can give you such gifts. Mine offended me with recommending a ceiling fan cleaner. Seriously. Why do you think I keep mine running all the time?

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