Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's taken me 3.5 hours...

And I could have been sleeping, but I have now read all the blogs from this past week that I missed out on!
I actually said out loud to my husband, "I have been so busy with work this week that I haven't gotten to read my blogs". And it sounded like an old grandma who watches "her stories".
Here are some of the highlights from my "stories" tonight:

First and foremost, please pray for this family.

In other notes {insert your own smooth transition here}, Jason would tell you quickly that this could be me. I have a whole post percolating about my use of lip balm, but this picture will tell you my view on it.

And I have actually told Ollie before to quit crying and that "NO- we could not go to church right now and quit asking." So this rang true in my home.

And for a good perspective on the public potty- visit here.

Or a good laugh at our gifted children- go here.

The title of this post is ghetto pinata. You'll enjoy. I'm sure of it.

And this is an older post, but my hometown homies will enjoy this one. I played softball (do I need to insert here that softball was a cool sport in our hometown?) with a gal named Anne Turner (those are both first names- it's Alabama, y'all) and she turned out to be an amazing designer. And she's friends with a guy I graduated from high school with's wife's twin sister. They were in design school at Auburn together, apparently.
You got all that? Well, it doesn't matter. This kitchen renovation will make you think you know her, too. Or it will make you want to know her. It definitely makes me wish I would have stayed in touch with her! I would love to see what she would do with my kitchen (and everything else in my house...).

So, enjoy my hours of "research". I'm here to serve.
You are welcome. Happy Saturday.


Tara said...

Thanks for posting the link to Erica's blog about Anne Turner! I meant to pick up the last issue of Cottage Kitchen last month but could never find it. Don't you just love Turner? I miss her so much. We don't get to talk as often these days, but she is truly one of my favorite people. I'm thinking about calling her today and seeing if she has any suggestions for my ugly 1980's kitchen too. :) It's my least favorite part of the house. She has remarkable taste.

Amy said...

Okay that kitchen renovation is BEAUTIFUL. I LOVE IT!

Amy said...

...and I just read Kelly's blog. I am definitely praying for them...just breaks my heart.

Amy Nunnally said...

This is for the completely wrong post, but I went to the grocery store this morning and thought about you! I cook frozen veggies ALL the time. They're SO easy and SO much cheaper than cans! The best are the green peas, broccoli and corn (and I'm going to try Edamame in a minute). Just dump some of the frozen veggies in a serving bowl, add a couple of tablespoons of water and put it in the microwave. Cover with a plate or lid and cook on high for 3-4 minutes (2-3 servings). Make sure you pull them out while they're still bright green and they're perfect. Nearly as good as steaming, I promise and much quicker! Anyway, it's an easy way for me to be healthy around here, so I hope it works for you!

I have to share ... as I am typing, my groceries are still strewn around the front door. Rachel (18 months) has pulled the ring off the lid to the gallon of milk and is sticking her finger down into the milk and licking her finger. Yes ... I just saw her repeat it!

I had to run for a minute, she tried to pour it on my stairs! I got to her in time, though :)

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