Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Only Thing Warm Is My Heart

It is freezing. Fah-reeeeezing. In Alabama.
I purposefully reside in Alabama to be warm. In general, I am anti-freeze (not the liquid, but I guess that fits here, too). I realize that you can’t change the weather and that there is no use complaining about it, but it affected my attitude today.
Today’s high was 25 with a wind chill of 9. (I realize that this is nothing to some of you, but it is COLD to me.) The kids went to pre-school in heavy shirts, sweaters, fleece lined jeans, big jackets and hats. They put that kid from The Christmas Story to shame. (I would have given them scarves, but I was afraid they would choke each other- or worse- look like girls.) I warmed the car before we left and then we ran and jumped in as fast as we could. Brrr. It makes me shiver to think about it.
Then I came home and started to work in my basement office, but it was so cold that I couldn’t think straight. My brain cells were slowing with the temperature, so I came upstairs and relocated to the breakfast room. I finally got warm, got a lot of work done, but I was still in a gripe-y mood ALL day because of the cold.
See, it’s not that I mind skiing- or even snow- but bitter cold with no white stuff when it’s beautiful outside is just not fair. It’s like the cold air slaps you in the face when you open the door to a beautiful, sunny and what should be warm day.
This afternoon I happily retrieved my children and was glad to hear they had a nice day at pre-school. (If you don’t count the fact that they were cooped up inside staring at the gorgeous day and the playgrounds outside- because it was too cold to exit the building.)
We blasted the heat all the way home and pulled up our driveway. I got out and got Ollie out of the car first like I do everyday. And, just like I do every day, I kissed him on the cheek and told him that I loved him.

And then he said it. He said, “I love you, too, mom” for the first time.

I mean, he’s said that he loved me when he was asked to, like Jason saying, “Tell mommy bye and that we love her”, but he’s never said it on his own accord- without cajoling or candy up for grabs.
So, I gave him a big hug and pulled him out of the car. All of a sudden I didn’t mind the blistering wind. And I got over my cold ankles that came about because I couldn’t find long socks- just the short running ones. And we didn’t have to run back inside because I wanted to somehow gather up the cold air that held those words.
But we had to get inside, un-bundle and get ready for nap. And after a short, but strong tantrum over big Thomas, Annie and Clarabelle, my sweet, precious, angel boy turned back into a 3 year old boy who is a lot of fun, but a little opinionated.
But today he is a 3 year old boy who loves his mama and that’s all that matters.


Hollie and Janie said...

That story warmed my heart a little, too! Tantrum aside, what a precious moment!! That Owen is a mess!! I've decided that 12 degrees in AL is like -50 to us b/c we are southern! We love iced tea and front porches!! Yall have a cozy weekend!

becky said...

don't you just love it?

Carrie said...

So sweet! I just love my nephew!

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