Monday, January 19, 2009

An Interview with Henry

Last night I finally bit the bullet and painted the breakfast room walls- at least the top half of them. We're doing a chair rail (tonight) and painting the bottom half white.Note my planned (school bus) yellow shirt from Discovery Weekend in case I got paint on myself. "In case". Who am I kidding? I am a horrible painter- as far as not dripping/ spraying is concerned. I scraped some random paint off the breakfast table today. OOPS!

Ollie walked in this morning and shouted, "It's BOO-tiful!", then he later described the room as having a "pile of paint" on it. My thoughts exactly.

So, it was little brother's turn to tell what he thought about the room.

Henry IS very talkative and actually has a pretty impressive vocabulary (thanks to his brother). A fine example of the poor second child syndrome is that Henry knows who Lightning McQueen is and one of his first words is "McKeen". Wouldn't the folks at my home trailer park be proud?

So, aside from watching all together too many movies, Henry has also honed his interview skills. Please see below:

* Notes before you view:
- Although it looks like the video was time warped from the 70's with that brown tone (a-la Olan Mills), it was just something goofy on my camera. Or maybe the brand new sparkling gold walls. Either or.

- Henry is not a morning person.
- Ollie thinks every question is directed towards him and is working on his brotherly patience.

- Henry is thrilled when he gets a word in edge wise.

I think he might be fighting to get a word in for the rest of his life. Poor guy. But at least he will be on top of all the race cars in his class at school.


Lydia said...

That made me smile this morning! CUTE!!

Shana said...

LOVE it. I laughed every time Owen broke in to yell banana..he's totally like "duh." :)

holly said...

he is brilliant! and cute too ;)

Susannah said...


nick, robyn and taylor said...

1. The walls look very nice!
2. The video is too cute! He and Taylor need to get together!

annieck said...

SO SO sweet and adorable! Owen sounds just like Tristan in the background any time I ask Asher a question. :)

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