Friday, September 18, 2009


Girls and Boy(s?? I'm not sure if a male other than my dad reads this- maybe hubs and FIL?),

How about Bleeple {short for Blog People; I kinda like it- your thoughts?},
I am beyond words excited to see you!

Things have been a bit hairy here this week to say the least.
I only get about 3.5 precious, solid gold hours a day to myself 4 times a week {thanks to pre-school/ mothers morning out}. This week, I have spent them all working at the afore-mentioned consignment sale. Combined with shopping and dropping off items to sell, I've been there 15 hours the past 4 days. I think that's a little too much used-goods-time for anyone in a week, but I have loved every second of it! I'll have to show you my goods soon!

Here are a few updates to catch up (or ketchup- get it?):
* Patrick Swayze up and died without asking me and I'm all torn up about it. My friend Mary wrote a wonderful post on the topic that I could cut and paste here, but I'll just send you over there to read it if you are in Dirty Dancing mourning like I am.

* You might know that my hubs is a huge Beatles fan. So, of course he had the Beatles Rock Band on pre-order and got it the day it came out. What I didn't realize was how much our WHOLE family would love it! I'm sure I'll do a post dedicated to it later, but everyone has gotten in on the act.
Here is Henry on drums.

H on drums

And Ollie on guitar.

O on guitar

Watch out Partridge Family! I will put these kids on a Duggar- style bus and take your money any day!!

Seriously, they have no clue what they are doing, but Jason has been very happy to hear them singing Yellow Submarine, Twist and Shout and Hello, Goodbye {instead of Jesus Loves Me- wait, I can't say that. You know what I mean... it's been nice to have some song options}.

* Remember this picture?

Hillary's 10th birthday party

Well, that pink arrow is towards me, but on the bottom far left sitting on the slide is one of my dear elementary schools friends, who I also went to college with, Bonnie.

Bonnie and her husband had a son, Ethan {their second child} on September 10th and he was born with pneumonia and another breathing disorder. He was taken to a NICU in Birmingham and they have started a blog to keep their family and friends updated. Please pop over there and say a prayer/ leave a comment for their strength, continued strong faith and his quick recovery if you can.

* One of my favorite peeps, Monica at The Writer Chic was nice enough to blog about yours truly as one of her peeps. She just plain made my day.

I have missed you all this week and will get back into the bloggy-hood shortly. If I can tear myself away from the drums... :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to finally hear from you! Sounds like you have been super busy. At the consignment sale, would you pick me up some boys jeans, size 14, and shoes, size 7?
Thanks a bunch!

Susannah said...

I'm glad that your boys love other songs besides the little nursery songs...Anderson loves the Roots, the Roots of all things! Hopefully things are looking up for Ethan! Hope you have a great weekend!:)

Darby said...

Praying for Ethan!!! What a precious child... thanks for passing him along to all of us so we can pray for him and their family!!

Kim said...

Nice to have you "back". Can't wait to see your finds from the sale. I should (have already?) try that again. Haven't been in a while. Will be praying for Ethan! Happy weekend!

Brandi said...

Good to have you back! Sounds like you have been busy, busy. :)

chrisannan said...

I found your friend's blog through Kelly's Korner- already saying prayers for that cute little boy!! Can't wait to see your bargains! :)

pendy said...

Heading over to your friend's blog...

Also, maybe it's spelled 'bleople? I tell my real life friends about my friends in Bloggeritaville, but bleeple/bleople would be a lot quicker to say.

The Writer Chic said...

Yea, I'm down with Bleeple (or Bleople), or Bleeps (as in, blog peeps.....). Hmm, so many options.

Diana said...

I love to play the drums in rock band. We only get to play when we're in the vicinity of my brother and his xbox.

Jamie said...

Glad your back! I think the busy bug is going around because I seem to have a bad case of it now. I just now updated after a week of nothing. I've been meaning to ask if you mind if I include a link to your blog on mine? Thanks!

holly said...

so when can I come over and sing the beatles? when i saw it was out on the kmart flyer in the Sunday paper, i was waiting for someone i know to get it so i could join the party. FUN!

Becca said...

Bleeple? I love it... and am stealing it :-)

Tina said...

Girl, you have been busy! That's good though!! I ♥ your new word, Bleeple. Creative, I tell you!
Have a good weekend rocking out on the drums!!

Megan said...

The picture from your bday party was a blast from the past!! I will certainly be praying for Bonnie's family especially little Ethan.

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