Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bathing Beauties

Since Jason has been out of town for a few days, I've been bathing the boys together. It works out really well: its a lot quicker, they love it and feed off of each other and I only get soaking wet once. Henry loves the change to a sit up tub, too!

Here is a picture from their first bath together 2 nights ago. I am so thankful, blessed, grateful- everything- that they like each other (right now- I'm not naive enough to think that will last forever!). Henry thinks Ollie hung the moon and Ollie thinks Henry is a cool toy. And he gets the girls' attention at school every morning. Not too bad to have around, you know...

And, yes, that's the kid's bathtub. Its yellow. That's right. It's the least offensive of our 3 1970's color-schemed bathrooms. We have the blue in the master bath and the guest half bath is a pink/ beige. We're talking floor tile, sinks, tubs, TOILETS and tile up half the wall. There is a major remodel in our future, but we're not brave enough to tackle it just yet. Any tips are most certainly welcome!


annieck said...

You shouldn't change the yellow tub (and definitely not the pink one). All fads make their way back around, right? ;)
Don't you just love watching your boys together. Those moments when my boys are laughing on the floor together absolutely make my heart melt. It is the BEST feeling.
You captured that on film beautifully!!!

Carrie said...

I've been bathing the M&Ms together for awhile now. We have the exact setup! Maya is sitting in the seat, and Megan sits beside her. The only problem is Megan still doesn't like to share the bath toys - or any toy for that matter!

It's a lot of coordination, but it's a great time saver.

holly said...

I agree w/ Annie. Leave the ugly tile for now. I have an oven that is from the 70s and nobody knows how to open it when they come over. You actually have to pull a huge latch to open it. My friend Tiffany said I could easily win a kitchen makeover on Food Network if I submitted an entry. Baby steps with old steps.

LeAnne said...

You've gotta love the color schemes from the 70's!! That is a sweet picture of your boys sharing their bath. The double bath strategy is perfect, right? Only one good soaking for mommy!!

Emily said...

i love bathing the girls together, too. and if i put them in my tub, they'll play for a good half hour...long enough for me to do hair AND makeup!

Donna said...

Precious picture- I love Owen's strategically placed duck! haha Our kids bathe together and LOVE it. And- while Marc bathes them both- I do a quick clean up of their rooms, get jammies out, prepare all necessary teddy bears, water cups, and sound machines.

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