Friday, April 18, 2008

The Beatles

Jason has always loved the Beatles. He says when he was in Germany, they only had his parents Beatles albums {that's right- albums} to listen to and he just developed a LOVE of them. I mean LUUURRVE.

We go to all the Beatles tribute concerts. Jason has played in a Beatles band {he was George- complete with wigs and period appropriate costumes}. We have been to Beatles shows where we bring down the average age 20 years. I got him Beatles tickets for Christmas, anniversaries, etc. Jason hearts the Beatles.

Well, this morning at breakfast, Jason was drinking coffee out of his favorite Beatles mug. Ollie kept saying something and Jason said, "Hill, I think Ollie is saying 'Beatles'! He says it every time I use this mug!" He was so excited that somehow his love for the Beatles had genetically seeped through to our child and he was able- at the age of 2- to recognize the Beatles!

I ran in there to hear this and was waiting to get excited for Jason when Ollie pointed to the mug and clearly said, "WIGGLES!".


annieck said...


holly said...

Ok, that is good stuff! I love the Beatles too, and Alex has developed a love for them as well...thanks to his art teacher. She plays Beatles during art class. I left this on Annie's blog, but he told me the other day that he can't live with out God, The Beatles or tapioca pudding...what? At least he CAN live without the Wiggles!!!

Emily said...

Ahh-haaa.. that is so funny!!

Jenny said...

Ahhh...the vast minds of 2-year-olds! I love it!

Carrie said...

At least the Wiggles aren't that far off from the Beatles' St. Pepper days...

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