Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Mind of a Two Year Old

This is every morning lately before preschool. I would highly recommend this train set for 2 year olds. It's this and an added pack of tracks.

I am learning more about the mind of a two year old every day. Ollie doesn't quite have the capability to connect certain thoughts/ ideas, yet, but every day he gets a new one. He knows that to go outside you have to go put on your socks and shoes, but if I ask him what goes on his feet, he doesn't answer. The other day he told me reindeer go on his feet (he's still a little obsessed with reindeer).

I think a lot of it is a verbalization connection. He gets yes and no for the most part, but not always. For instance, if he's in trouble and I ask him if he wants a spanking and he looks at me and says, "Yes, Mommy". Then I have to explain that he does NOT want a spanking and by that times he's on to his next thing. The teachable moment has vanished.

He does get many things. Like, "Sit on the potty?" gets you out of a sticky situation. As in "I know you're mad at me for destroying _____, but if I say, 'Sit on the potty?' you will rush me to the potty and forget about it." Or, "If I give you a big hug you can't brush my hair as well and you won't tell me to stop hugging you!"

What I do know that he loves is anything with action and noise: trains, rockets, cars, running, jumping, animals, trucks, airplanes, etc. He's very boy and so much fun. If only to get into that little mind... It's amazing to watch it develop. Here's a typical night at the Dunham house doing what Ollie likes best:


annieck said...

SO sweet and SO funny!!! Don't you just wonder what is going through their little minds???
LOVE it!

Emily said...

so cute! i wouldnt even know what to do with a little boy! looks like yall have a ton of fun with him, though. just wait til' their 2 & 4! watch out!!

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