Friday, April 11, 2008

The Birthday Song

For everyone who asked by e-mail... fine, here it is! Mom (and others)- you've got to learn to comment in the comment section! It's really easy.
Also, my mom wanted to clarify that she learned this song from her mother-in-law (my grandmother, of course) and she learned it from her mother-in-law- Honey Hart. (I think Honey may have been her real name.) Maybe I'll be able to teach it to a daughter-in-law someday! Also, you traditionally count by years instead of months- and you can count by 5 or 10 if you have too many years!
Enjoy... or, rather- try not to make fun of my singing.


Jenny said...

So cute!
Maybe everybody knew that if they e-mailed you and didn't leave a comment, that you would end up loading it onto your blog!! So much for no embarrassment, right? :) JK, your singing really is better than some I've heard on the WWW!
Yay for Harris!

annieck said...

Oh Hill! That is just about the sweetest thing EVER! First off, he is SO precious, I just want to eat him up! Secondly, the song is SO sweet!'s so great to hear your voice again. I am so thankful!
You are truly blessed with some beautiful babies!

holly said...

bummer, I don't have speakers on this computer, so I can't listen. I'll catch it later on Tadd's computer. Just wanted to comment on your FREAKIN' CUTE kids. Harris is that baby that annoying people you don't know pinch his cheeks. yummmmmy!

LeAnne said...

I love it!! That is the sweetest song EVER and it is so awesome when families have little traditions like that through the generations. Thanks for singing it so that we can fully appreciate it. And he is so ADORABLE!!!

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