Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Diet

Alright. I've finally gotten in the right frame of mind to diet- not that I'm thrilled about it, but it needs to be done. I've got a good twenty-ish that need to go. My goal is to be in good shape by the big 3-0 (Sept. 3rd- mark your calendars), so that I at least feel good about myself when I get there. And that gives me plenty of time.
Last time we dieted Jason and I ran every day and cut out all things white- pretty much. We also drank tons of water, went whole grain everything and didn't touch a bite of food after 7:30. No alcohol or sweets either. This really pains me to write.
This time, I'm working from Uncle Randy and Genie's newest book From Belly Fat to Belly Flat and focusing on a general well being from a health perspective- particularly with hormone balance. I read the book in one day a few months ago and was super impressed. I have been excited to start for a while now and the time is finally right! (To find out more, his web link is below on the left under my favorite things.)
OK- here is the premise:
Our bodies are made of different homones and if they get off balance then they tend to alter your mood and your makeup. Seems simple, right? Well, apparently if you are dominant in estrogen, then that can lead to weight gain around your middle. Do you know any middle age women (or younger) that have weight they can't seem to get rid of around their tummies? Well, that is me right now (not that I've been trying to get rid of it, mind you- see the recipe on the left for proof), but I need to do that now.
So, this plan involves vitamins, progesterone (kind of the opposite of estrogen- to balance it out) and all kinds of healthy eating. So much healthy eating that Jason came home on Monday and said, "There are some things I don't recognize in our refrigerator". Yes, there were things in there that I've never bought before- including rutabega and beets. I had to ask what section of the beet that you actually eat! (My mom said the section that comes in the cans! Ha!)
Hopefully soon I'll be able to get up and run in the mornings. Right now Harris is still drinking one more bottle at 10:00, so even with Jason and me alternating nights, it's still tough to get up at 5:00 (or before) and run. I'll get there, though. I did love it when I did it. It's just making yourself get up out of that warm cozy bed. Can anybody hear me?? I have to channel Donna from college standing over my twin bed in the sorority house asking, "Do you want to be fat, or do you want to be skinny?"!!
So far, my favorites on the diet have been Cruciferous CousCous and some great dip for carrots and celery (Ginger-Lime Dressing). The latter tastes like it's straight from P. F. Chang's, so I'm all about that! There is a big dish of baked fish in the kitchen right now from dinner and I can't keep thinking that it's a big plate of brownies! It's the same dish I use for brownies and the fish is covered with a basil mixture, so it looks dark. So, out of the corner of my eye my mind is playing MEAN tricks on me. I think I've gone over there for brownies 4 times! I hope that's not indicative of anything...
I will keep you all updated on the diet and let you know how it's going. Any prayers and support and most welcome!


Emily said...

hill.. i'm rooting for you and the new diet.. it does suck, doesnt it? i just know for me, when i started running, or jogging..okay..maybe i was jogging/walking..the pounds just started falling off. so if you're exercising AND dieting, you will see results really soon. by the way.. i LOVE the no-bake choc cookies. my mom used to make those when we were growing up. .and i still cant resist them..YUMMY!

Donna said...

Good for you! I will join you- I'm reading the book. I did "Operation Eye Candy" in 2005 after Marky was born. You can use the slogan if you need it. We could also do "Looking Great 2008" or "Drop the Weight 2008".

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

D- you know I love a slogan.

Em- yes, I love running, too and it made a huge difference! But I love the cookies more!!

Carrie said...

Good luck with the diet! I've got to get back to mine. Sugar is my nemesis. I wish I at least somewhat enjoyed running. I hate it. I loathe it. I'm thinking of recording some yoga/pilates shows on FitTV and doing them when I can. That may mean 4:30am for me...ugh...

annieck said...

I'm with you...or will be! Right now, I'm doing the lemon water. Last night, Channing and I went to the grocery store to get some things, and I had to ask where the beets were. When I found them, I thought...YUCK! I'm excited, though, that there are recipes for them in the book. In Dr. Bob's stuff, it just says to eat beets, EVERY DAY, but never said how to make them.
I'm rooting for you! You're paving the way!!!

holly said...

Keep up the good work! I started my "life change" (that's what I like to call it instead of a diet...bad 4 letter word) in Feb. of last year. Once you get those work-outs in your schedule, they will be part of your life and hard to live without...14 months and counting! Go Hill Go! Donna and I will come do an old high school cheer if you want?

LeAnne said...

Good luck with your diet!! Sounds like I need to read those books, too!!

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