Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Diet- Week 1

We could just call this the week of temptations. It's hard enough to go from eating whatever you want to cruciferous vegetables and no sweets, but we've had temptations galore to top it off! Jason and I teach youth on Sunday nights at our church and we usually partake of delicious food that the parents of the youth bring for everyone there to eat. This week... Mexican! My favorite! And there were cookies dripping off the walls. Okay, not really, but there were sweets everywhere. Fortunatley for us, we'd eaten leftover turnip, carrot and lentel soup to stave us off from that temptation. That's right- turnip, carrot and lentil (a bean). It is actually good- not Mexican- but it's good. We did have to leave early though because it was just too much for us! A little sad, but true!
I've also been to a potluck board meeting and a parent meeting (tonight) with loads of food SPRAWLED out for everyone to partake. I've had to prepare the food and then walk away. I left the parent meeting early tonight to come home to eat up my cauliflower and turkey bacon soup. Again- actually good. My mom told me tonight, "Yes, anything is good if you're starving!" So true.
So, with NO cheating and 1 morning run (today) drumroll here.... I lost 5 pounds this week!!! Woohoo! I only weigh once a week, so Tuesdays are my day. To top that, Jason lost 9 pounds this week! I feel like we are on The Biggest Loser! We love that show! I do know that the first week your body is in shock, so you lose a lot of weight, so I'm not expecting that every week, BUT, it sure is nice to see!

My favorite foods, so far, have been:
- Bananas in bark (bananas rolled in flaxseed and almonds)
- Pumpkin seeds (they were labeled as Pepitas and were in the nut section of the grocery store)
- Asparagus omelet (recipe to the left- this is like a gourmet restaurant version of an omelet and WONDERFUL)
- Grapefruit and avacado salad
- Ginger- Lime dressing- A#1!! (We marinated chicken breasts in this- even though the book doesn't say to do that- and it was fantastic.)

I'll keep you updated as we keep losing!


Laura said...

very cool, Hill! Chris and I are on the diet/exercise game too, so any tips you can pass along are much appreciated!!

annieck said...

AWESOME!!! YEA Dunham Family!!! You have officially become my inspiration. I'm still in the lemon water stage...pathetic, I know.
I am making a commitment to get started...very soon!;) Maybe even tonight.
Keep your added recipe ideas coming. I like the idea of marinating your chicken in that dressing. Yum!

Donna said...

That is amazing! I am so proud of you- walking by a "spread" and not eating is impossible for me. Thanks for the recipe tips- I may start next week after my in-laws visit. I don't think I can do this diet with company in the house!

Jenny said...

Go Hill!!! No easy task...

LeAnne said...

Hey Hillary! CONGRATS, that is so FABULOUS! I have to tell you that reading your blog inspired me to order the book. I can't wait to start reading it and I'll be following your success. Those recipe ideas are super and they all sound really yummy. I'm gonna try that omelet this weekend.

Jill Williamson said...

you go! Where do you get the recipes? I tried on a bathing suit today....oh my gosh...its was terrible...than Jadyn and I went and ate pizza at Pizz Hut in Target....but I did go walking.
So, what are you doing ...no sweets what????

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