Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where are you gonna be tonight?

I know where I'll be!

Today is a good day. It's a day I've been waiting for for quite a while. The strike is over, the shows are back, but my favorite has taken longer than the others. GREY'S ANATOMY IS BACK TONIGHT!!!!! WOOOHOO!!! I can't wait! There's nothing on my calendar and it's Jason's night to put the kids to bed. Oooh! I'm so excited. I think I'll curl up with a celery stick and a glass of water. Hmph.

Well, overall, I'm very pumped.

In other TV news, we watched The Wonder Pets Save the Beetles this morning! We have had the DVD pre-ordered since November and it was late coming out, so we just got it. It is hilarious and we watched it as a family this morning! Two minutes in Jason declared that it was already the best Wonder Pets episode ever. Very funny. I would highly recommend!


Emily said...

HIIILLLL....i cannot believe i almost FORGOT about this tonight!! OMG!! i was gonna go to a ballgame with mike.. guess i'll be skipping that one. i MUST be here for this. eeekkk! so excited!

annieck said...

Hill, I too am SO excited to have my show(s) back. I'm a "Lostie" too. Thursday night is a GREAT night for t.v!!!
That Wonder Pets episode looks really cute. I haven't seen that one yet. Thanks for the push!

LeAnne said...

How on earth did I not know that the Wonder Pets save the Beetles? We will definitely have to check into this one. And ditto on Thursday nights in front of the tube.

Donna said...

They put all the good shows on at one time- they need to spread the love. Also- saving the Beetles? This is sewious. What's gonna work?

Carrie said...

Last night's episode was great, but next week looks AWESOME!!!

holly said...

LOVE TH NIGHT TV!!! Thank goodness for Tivo so I can watch The Office and Grey's...pathetic I know. Where have I been? I have no idea who the wonder pets are?

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