Sunday, April 27, 2008

I do NOT know what you're talking about...

We would never give a 6 month old a fudgesicle. Not even a lick. We are NOT those kind of parents. He is much too young for things like that.

OK, fine. Maybe a little bite. But at least it was a no sugar added fudgesicle. And he loved every bit! They always say that you'll be much more lax with the second child, but I never believed them... At least not with the important things we won't be, right? Just fudgesicles.


annieck said...

You are SO funny!
When Tristan was a baby, I thought parents who allowed their 13 month olds to eat ice cream or cake were just terrible! I mean, can you believe they are giving that baby ice cream?! The nerve!
Um, Asher has had everything under the moon. We are DEFINITELY more lax the second time around! :)

Jenny said...

It's amazing the things that the second-born gets to do that the first never did...some good, some bad. :) But, we just call it being more "laid back" instead of the real reason, which is, "ehh, if it won't kill you or someone else then what's the harm???"

Carrie said...

LOL...even Megan gets away with more now that Maya is here. I NEVER thought I'd give her french fries and ketchup before she was three. After all, you can still get Apple Dippers at McDonalds instead of fries. Oh well...

Donna said...

Oh the poor second child- Julia has had so many less books read to her compared to Marky and we've definitely been more relaxed on the nap schedule. But she has gone places I never took baby Marc and how do you tell a baby you are too little for ice cream but your big brother isn't? It's impossible. The movie is in theaters- it's feature length.

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