Friday, April 11, 2008

He shoots, He STORES!

I went to a consignment sale the other night (Thanks to Melanie for the advanced ticket!) and got a bunch of clothes and picked up one toy for Owen. It was "Silly Soccer" and since he loves soccer and we had the counterpart game to this (Silly 6 Pins), I thought it would be a good find. And it IS! Especially since it already had batteries in it, all pieces were included and they had photocopied the assembly instructions and put them in there! WOW!

Here is Owen concentrating and practicing his shot (it's actually a little harder than it looks).
Then he figures out a way to cheat and make it clap and applaud for you if you just push it over the line.

Then he MADE ONE! If this isn't sheer joy, I don't know what it! I can't believe I got this shot, either! Our camera takes a second and I was trying to get him kicking it, but it went in and he shouted "STORE!!!!"- which, of course, is SCORE in Owen-ese. Can anyone believe that Owen will be old enough to play organized soccer this fall??


annieck said...

What a great find! You gotta love those consignment sales!!!
You can see the sheer joy on his face. :)
I can't wait to hear the stories from his first year of organized sports. We are lovin' it!

Shelley said...

We are working on our "K" sound too! Streed learned at speech to hold his tongue down and say it. He can do it everytime with the finger in place but when it's gone...we are back to the "T".

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