Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Social at the Balch's

We had so much fun tonight at a last minute get together at Kat and Vic's house! They were trying to unload some food from their freezer before a trip out of town and we were the lucky recipients! Apparently, word of yummy food travels fast because Cate and her daughter Ellie, Marydae, Solveig, Jackson and their daughter Linnea and a newly engaged Alyssa were all there! The kids were with me and Jason got to come by before his softball game tonight. And Kat, Vic and their children Denton and Evelyn were at their own home, of course.
This is the scene just a few minutes after we arrived with Owen, Denton and Ellie:

That didn't take long for the tornado to hit!

Evelyn and Harris are only 3 weeks apart and they are so much fun! This is Evelyn and Kat and then Kat, Evelyn, Harris and me.

That's right- 3 weeks. Kat and Vic have nice petite children and we have linebackers. They both seem to resemble their older brothers quite a bit!

Its a good thing we all have beautiul children! Linnea is too adorable- and looks a lot like Jackson! Little Ellie was precious and keeping up with Owen and Denton pretty well. She's such a cute little girl- very sweet like her mama! I could just eat them all up!!

The play and eating soon moved outside and this is my favorite picture:

Denton is in his swim suit, with astronaut helmet while raking dirt for his trucks to play in! ha! Talk about multi-tasking!

Lucky for him, Owen thought this was perfectly normal (he was in a dragon costume earlier today). Who cares when 2 guys have some dirt and trucks to play with?

Thanks to Kat and Vic for a great time! We love y'all! Have a great trip- you should leave and clean out your freezer again soon!


LeAnne said...

Those little boys are too cute. I love the video with his first bananas. CUTE!! My kids are 2 and 4 now and they still love their bananas!

Take care, LeAnne

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