Monday, February 16, 2009

Because I Owe You

We are sick. Our house has the funk. Eyes watering, nose running, dry coughing funk.

I had a dream that a man with a cape and super hero costume on knocked on our door and was forcefully trying to sell us something. Luckily, Jason was here that day and he also had a cape and super hero costume on to combat this fierce overweight caped salesman at the front door.

**All this to say that apparently I'm not taking the right drugs if I keep having dreams like that.**

I need something to cheer me up and then I remembered a post that I owe to blog world.

A while back, let's just say before Christmas, Becky did a Pay it Forward post. She asked 3 people to play along and accept a small gift from her and then she asked those people to then pay it forward on their blogs.

Well, I jumped at the chance to play along, but it seems as if I only hopped on board to receive and not to give! Now, I'm giving back. It's only taken me 3 months.

If you would like a small gift from me with the responsibility of paying it forward to at least three other people, then be one of the first 5 people to leave a comment in the comment section and make sure I have your e-mail address. (I'm upping the ante a bit since I was a slacker-rific participant.)

Love y'all like the (last!) heart shaped KK doughnut I had for breakfast. Only the best for my health.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Hillary!!! I'm the first person to leave a comment!! Family is not excluded, are they???Sorry for the sickness! Love to you all,

becky said...

well, i'm not playing this time since i have a wonderful copay this morning, but i'm sad yall are sick too. is there some sort of atomic lysol bomb that can be set off over the north alabama area? that would ROCK!!

Ivy said...

I wanna play!!!

P.S. Sorry eveyone is sick!! Get better soon!!

Lydia said...

I actually tried to do this a few months ago but couldn't find anyone to play along. I would love to play again though. Count me in.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Let me just mention that my mother doesn't count, so there are still 3 slots available. She does not have a blog and doesn't know how to post her status on Facebook, so she is dis-qualified. And I send her gifts anyway.
HD :-)

Jenny said...

Ummm...I thought I commented already, but it didn't show up. Whassup with that??

Anyway, count me in and I hope everyone feels better soon!

Susannah said...

Awww... I wanted to play:) IF you have a change of heart, it Hope ya'll get better soon:)

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

I think I got the last slot...? =) I would have posted sooner, but my laptop apparently caught your "funk" too. ;)

BASSakward Tales said...

hope everyone feels better soon...the crud is awful...

Donna said...

Okay- I'll be number 6. What do you mean there is no number 6? P.S. Loving the family pic on the sidebar- precious!

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