Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everybody needs a little Sugar on V-Day

The edible kind of sugar is what I'm referring to, but the other is a nice added bonus!

Since I was a Hart growing up, we have always had a Big Valentine's Day at our house, so I want to continue that tradition. My mom was a teacher and you can imagine the amount of "Hart" gifts she received over the years, so our house always looked like Cupid had set up shop there in February.

We started with heart shaped pancakes for breakfast (with green eggs as a tribute to Ollie's current favorite book- and they looked gross, so there isn't a picture here!).
Then, after lunch we went to Krispy Kreme for some doughnuts.
They were making heart shaped doughnuts today! Super cute! Here are a dozen of our closest friends.
The kids loved the special treat
(we "suffered" through a few ourselves) and we got to see the perfect concoctions being made! Ollie called the icing a "dirty waterfall". But he had no trouble gobbling it up, of course.

Hope you had a nice relaxing day of luurrrve. Or just a nice relaxing day! This is the first Saturday that I've been at home doing nothing in over a month! What a treat.

Jason and I didn't do gifts this year because, honestly, we just didn't have time. Doesn't that sound horrible? We should make time for ourselves, but have you seen our agenda?? Just scroll down there for a look at what's been going on around here. And the rest of February is equally busy. I'm glad this is a short month!
Do you do anything special with loved ones? I'd love to hear any traditions. And any cute boy V-Day items would be nice to hear about, as well. The only stuff I've ever gotten for them has said "heart breaker" or something along those lines. Boys really get jipped in the holiday clothing department. Can I get an "Amen" there?

Off to eat some heart shaped brownies. I'd hate for the doughnuts to be all alone down there in my tummy. Is there a New Year's resolution coming around again soon?


Jennifer said...

I have never seen the heart shaped donuts... so cute! Glad you had a wonderful day with loved ones to do whatever y'all pleased!

Darby said...

I'm a Dunkin' Donut girl but Krispy Kreme may have me sold on those heart shaped doughnuts! MMM! Glad y'all had a good one. We spent ours in the garage PREPPING the big sale!

Chrissie said...

I love all things hearts! I wish I had one of those donuts right now.

Happy Valentine's Day, Hillary. xoxo

Domestic Chicky said...

Oh my gosh Hillary - my Grandmother's maiden name is Hart. I will have to dig out the geneaology to see if we're related!

PS - LOVE the Heart Krispy Kremes. Heck, I love the round ones too!

annieck said...

How fun and adorable! What a great Valentine's Day!!!

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

those heart shaped donuts look divine!! now i am going to have to go to KK sometime this week! hope you are all feeling better...

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