Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recipe for Fun

This recipe sounds like combines a whole bunch of things that don't usually go together for fun. But much like a Super Bowl dip with corn and avocado, the end result is totally amazing!

  • Take one cranky 15 month old who is anxiously awaiting 2 molers.
  • Add a 3 year old who threw up all night at his grandparent's house. Be sure to reserve the grandparents for later use.
  • Combine with a husband who doesn't feel all that great himself, and has to finish his Bible study- thus rendering him helpless.
Add the first 3 ingredients together to create Mom who has to do something with these children inside her house by herself.

  • Dig through linen closet and find king sized sheets.
  • Add a dash of clothes pins (or those pampered chef clip things that are the bomb).
  • Drape over the sofa and add some chairs with no planning whatsoever.
Add dry mop in the center to create "big top" type look and allow easy walk through.

And VOILA! Here you have a great tent for fun! For testing purposes only, we used a husband who did actually come help and took pictures without being asked.


Lydia said...

Awww! You are such a good mom! Cutie patootie boys, too!

Susannah said...

Love it! That is a great idea! And the boys are ADORABLE!!;) Is Owen waking up with his teeth bothering him?

Donna said...

Okay- I was in Mobile this week and missed your amazing forgiveness post- WOW! How amazing that he found you and how precious your words to him! And I missed the giveaway! Dang it! You and Becky both look so pretty in the picture- girlfriends are the BEST and I am ALWAYS grateful for mine- especially you! And now- the tent- that's old school playing- you go momma!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog! You are such a gifted writer! We are praying that God moves us to Alabama soon! When He does, let's get together and I'll tell you about my big idea. (You're part of it!)
Love, Rebecca

Lori said...

Look at the excitement on your little one's face! Great picture!

LeAnne said...

what a fun mommy!! love it!

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