Thursday, February 5, 2009

How tall are YOU?

To end any controversy, I am 5' 7 1/4 " measured by my hubby against the door where we have all our measurements. Apparently, my last doctor visit and my life insurance physical rounded up to 5'8", but I'll still take 5' 7"+ - which is "about 5' 8"" like I said here (and was questioned by my own mother).

Do y'all have a door in your house where you measure your kids (or yourself)? We started one when we moved into this house and I think we're going to have to take it with us. My grandmother had one that a painter painted over and she is still a little bit angry about it; don't bring it up unless you have a spare 30 minutes or so to re-hash.

So, bloggy friends, how tall are you? Since I don't get to see you all that much, do you shop in the midget petite or tall section? Or are you in the average department like I am?
If foreheads had their own department (like mine should), I would definitely be in the tall area, but thankfully no one notices because of the green bolts in my neck.
And the bangs. I have always had bangs because of that Mt. Rushmore I was blessed with. I just pretend like I'm in style when they come back in and just live with it when they are out. They are here for good to help mask my cranium maximus.

I'm off to my blog conference in Nashville tomorrow that was my Christmas gift and I can't wait to share what all I learn!

I'll have to update from Nashville- I mean, it is a blog conference- duh, so keep an eye out for a fun post with pictures of my new friends. I'll be the tall one in the back with the 5" forehead.


Laura said...

5'7" or so with heels...but 5'6 1/2" without...and yes, that 1/2" is important.
My parents tracked my height on a door at our house on Alderbrook. When they sold it, they removed that door jam piece and gave it to me for Christmas. It is at their new house in Dothan, but it will be with me one of these days....very special, so keep up the measuring!

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~k said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I can NOT quit laughing! I think my license says 5'8 but I am closer to 5'5-5'6! I will measure and let you know!

LeAnne said...

i'm 5'8ish too. but to be honest i don't remember if that is rounded up or down...down i think. i accepted it as my height so many years ago that i rarely even think about it. you've made me so curious that i'm gonna have to measure. i am so thrilled that you are going to a blogging conference. i hope that you have a blast and i can't wait to hear about it!!

Matt, Carrie and Lucy Allen said...

geez..ok i am seriously jealous of all you TALL people out could totally spare some inches. I am a shorty....only 5' tall people! (and my hubby is 6'4!!!!) i have to get all my jeans short length and they are still too long so i have to wear them with boots or heels that are 2 or 3 inches! but matt's height does give lucy some hope, i know she will be taller than me! we did have a door measuring our heights and it is still at my parents house,but we haven't started one yet. hope you have a great time at your blog conference!

Lisa said...

I'm a shorty too. I'll round to 5'2. My husband is 6'4 and I get dirty looks from tall girls all the time wondering why I married a tall guy. I had to have someone that could reach the stuff in the cabinets :) It looks like the kids got Jason's tall gene...just hope it holds out. I shop in the midgits dept as you put it. If I don't I have to hem everything.

Kellie said...

Right there with you short women married to tall guys - I'm 5 ft tall but my license says 4'11" - stayed that way since I was 15!!!! My husband is also 6'4" - so you think it would help my children out, but if you have followed my blog at all, you will see that I have the smallest BOYS known to man - my daughter is very average though!

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

I am 5'4''. I was 5 feet tall until I quit gymnastics...then I shot up like a bean stalk to 5'4'' and have stayed there ever since.

We were a military family growing up, so we had several of those walls...but, they only lasted 2-3 years before we moved on.

Porter's house has an entire WALL in their pantry that has measurements on...for 25 years now!!!

Jenny said...

Hmm..I'm between 5'5 and 5'6. My parents keep a door frame in their house and my Mom measures the kids sometimes. When we moved into this house, we found the measurements of the previous owner's kids. I should probably measure my own kids, but it's just something that I don't ever think about! Have fun at the conference!

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melissatash said...

5'6" for me... have a wonderful time... I want to hear any wonderful blog ideas you come back with!

holly said...

hey, I sent you an email w/ my phone number...maybe we can do lunch if you aren't too busy with your new blogtastic friends ;)

Lindsey said...

last i checked, 5'6". i don't wear heels much since i've been pregnant for 5 years straight and i stay at home:). my SIL painted a growth chart for the kiddos and it's hanging in their bathroom. that's where they get measured. and i'm with you on the forehead. i can't do bangs though. did once in 6th grade--one of the biggest mistakes of my life. i just deal with the mountain. have fun at your conference!

BASSakward Tales said...

ok sister, 5'8" and omar the tent maker is my area of the department store.....there is nothing average about me except maybe my a great time at the conference.

Amy Nunnally said...

This fellow blogger is going to be with you at the conference this weekend! I love her tips on freebies!

Gray Matters said...

Before children I was 5'9 with a size 8 shoe - 5 kids later - I'm 58 with a size 10 shoe - we won't talk dress size - but needless to say - my beautiful babies did a number on my body (worth every pound). Thanks for reminding me to start a measuring door - we haven't done that yet in the new house yet. Hope you're having a wonderful time in Nashville - I'm hoping to make the next conference - that would be a hoot for you and I to reconnect at a blog conference!

Nicole said...

My dad still has the pantry door with 4 kids' heights recorded there. Such an heirloom. Im kind of a shorty...5'4". 12 yo is about 5'3 3/4" so Im STILL taller than he is...for about another week.

And about the bangs? Completely agree. I'd be 5" nothing without mine. Bangs are my friend.

Isnt it fun to see people in real life size here?

~w said...

i'm only 5'5! jeez, quit complaining! i'm so glad that you guys keep track of the kiddos on doors, too. eb's is done on his door, and emme's is on hers. looks like we'll be taking two doors when we move!

annieck said...

You are SO stinkin' funny! You always crack me up! :)
I'm only 5'4". I'm a shorty but always have trouble finding jeans long enough...especially maternity jeans. DRIVES ME CRAZY! :)
And I do NOT think you have a big forehead. What are you talking about?

RhondaK said...

Ha! So funny..ok, I won't question your height. I believe I am 5'6.

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