Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If it was really just the thought that counted, I would be Jane Fonda

I am determined to get back into some old clothes. Oh, yes, and be healthy, too. But mainly I have got some killer jeans that are getting a little tight around my lovely lady humps. And they were expensive. And I am cheap. Therefore, I must lose weight.
Do you agree that you always look and feel better in expensive jeans? I think its pocket placement. That’s all that a good jean is about.

I have been every size from a 4 to a 14 in the past 10 years and I usually hover around the middle of that area in an 8-10. And I’d like to get back down to that solid 8 area. I would tell you my weight, but I am about 5’8” and my weight would sound like a cattle auction to those of you that shop in the petite section. So, just be satisfied with my size, ok?
And I’m always uncomfortable hearing other people’s weights. It’s like talking about money or what jewelry you want from your grandmother’s will at the dinner table with your grandmother at the table . My mom taught us just not to do that.

So, in the quest-for-wearing-my-great-jeans, I got up at 5:30 am and got dressed to run yesterday morning. I opened the door to pouring down rain and had to turn on my heels and frump down to my office to work. I mentioned to someone my story and they told me- I presume trying to console me- that “it was the thought that counted”.
Well, actually, no, not really. In order to burn calories, you have to move. I’m no expert on calories- aside from the eating them portion (as you can tell from my size span above), but I have learned that you have to actually DO SOMETHING to burn them. I have been missing the “do something” portion lately.

I LOVE to run and am always so happy when I get done running. It’s the getting out of my warm bed and cracking the door open to the outside that’s the hard part. I have had shining moments of time for motivation. Whether it was a class reunion, a beach trip or just a deal with God to get up and spend some quiet time outdoors in solitude and prayer, I have had streaks of consistency.

Followed by huge gaping holes of inconsistency.

I need some motivation! What ideas have you got? I have a beach trip with some girls from college in April, so that is helping. Or, I would love to have another high school reunion to kick me in the butt. Anyone out there want to plan a blogging party so that would motivate me to get moving? Or a challenge of some sort.

I am going to ask Jillian from the Biggest Loser to come yell at me every morning. Or maybe you can call me at 5:30? Any takers?
I might be able to swing you into my grandmother’s will if you are really good, but we won’t talk about that here.


Lydia said...

I am so in. My high school reunion is in June and as if that weren't enough motivation, I found out that I will be accompanying my hubby on a work seminar at St. Simon's Island. It's in July. At the beach. With his coworkers and their skinny wives. Need I say more? We joined a gym recently, but my how the motivation is just not there! i think the Jillian idea would be just what I need. Help!

Darby said...

Hey Hilary...

No killer ideas about exercise... I'm not too disciplined with it myself but I'll be brain storming and if anything monumental comes to mind I'll let you know. But... for now... good luck to you and I can't wait to hear more about your quest!

and just for good measure WORD VERIFICATION: arigie {the only thing I can think of is rated R and starts with a "o"}

Laura said...

well I will not be planning a 13-year reunion (or a 15 for that matter), so no motivation there. I'm in the same boat. Maybe we should have a dual vow renewal ceremony...wearing white in front of a lot of people seems to help me a little.

oh and my word verification: wisessim - a clever saying or anecdote

Susannah said...

I know about the weight issues and losing some extra poundage! It's so hard, we got some pedometers from work and we are competeting to see who can walk the most steps per day. That helps a little, but I'm still hungry...:) Good luck!

LOOK WHO'S MARRIED!!!! said...

Hey Hillary,
No way are you 5'8''...I remember you being my height in highschool, like 5'4'' ish.
As far as working out, why don't you set up a quick 30 minute high intensity workout area in your house? You can do that while the kids run around...or are at school. I have several written down from trainers I've had in the past. You basically need an exercise ball, an aerobic step and some weights (or soup cans)...and you can do anything.
At least, it'd provide something to do next time it's raining outside. I agree though....it's the thought that counts. I, for one, am impressed that you woke up at 530. Great job!

~k said...

HILL! You are a nut! Your blogs always make me laugh! The grandmother's jewelry bit is classic! I too am in the start from scratch mode. I just got a shuffle to replace my nano and loaded some really good running music. I guess my other run list was tired bc the new stuff has really helped motivate me!

And we are all 5'8 in our 3-4inch heels!

becky said...

um...i saw 5:30 on my clock yesterday. i was confused. i thought it only came in the PM form. then i realized you woke up intentionally at that time. i'm calling "decatur west". (do you know what that is?) i don't have motivation tips at ALL. i am not helpful one bit. but felt compelled to comment anyway!!

Donna said...

Oh Hill- I am in 'get it together' mode right now. I've done it many times before- my favorite title is "operation eye candy". This time I'm going to try classes at the gym- I haven't done those in like 10 years- but I used to love them.

RhondaK said...

Hillary you are hilarious! Love reading your blog...and that aside...no way are you overweight nor are you 5'8 (are you reakkt??). Anyways, I certainly could use some motivation to get back to my size 8-10ish figure as well. If you find a secret please share!! Great job on getting up though.

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