Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some help with the dishes and other things I should probably keep to myself

Finally! Something around the house that helps with the dishes (besides our lovely new dishwasher, of course)!

Why Cranky the Crane was on the counter this morning, I'll never know. But, he was using his skills to help me dig my way out of the dishes.

And why do I love Cranky so? Because my kids love him and I found him at the last consignment sale that I love- Kids Kloset (Spring worker shopping TONIGHT!!)- for about 3 bucks- new in package with Salty and Bulstrode. I hid him until Christmas and he's now a favorite. Apparently, so much so that he travels from room to room.
Since I mentioned the hall where laundry comes to die in my last post, I thought I'd scan around from the sink and show you that I wasn't kidding.
Here is some clean laundry decomposing right this very moment.
I'm sending Cranky the Crane there next.


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