Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol Wrap Up

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Does anybody else love American Idol?

I have been a fan since season 1, episode 1, so I remember Ryan’s original counterpart- Brian Dunkleman. {I wonder what he’s doing now. I’m sure he’s working at a Sonic or doing voiceovers for Playhouse Disney. Poor guy.} And I remember when their website was Oh, yes. I'm old school idol.
Here are my thoughts as I was watching the show tonight:

What do you think about the new opening with the judges being introduced like rock stars/ wrestlers? Paula is wearing a tutu. She would be a great wrestler in that.

Tonight: Motown. I’m predicting right now that Lil Rounds is going to knock it out of the park.
The contestants fly off to Detroit where tens of fans greet them. You think they could have rustled up a few more locals.
They get to meet Smokey Robinson and Barry Gordie. I think Smokey Robinson has fake eyes or at least those color lenses in an odd teal that is not found in nature, much less in eyeballs.

Alright. On to the songs.

1. Matt Giraud- Let’s Get It On/ Marvin Gaye
He reminds me so much of JT- from the old days- more pop-ish. I like that he moved away from the piano, but there aren’t too many moves that can do that really go with this song, if you know what I mean.
I think he did a great job! Randy says man and dude 14 times in his critique which clearly means he did well. I’m afraid Paula might cry at every contestant. Paula called him worn in jeans which in Paula-ease means she liked him. He is one of my new favorites. I thought he was kind of sketchy at the beginning, but he's on the comeback trail.

2. Kris Allen – How Sweet It Is/ Marvin Gaye
I think he could have changed up this song a little bit to make it more contemporary. And didn’t JT (the original JT- James Taylor) sing this, too? And hasn’t it been in a phone commercial, too? It makes me think of calling someone for 5 cents a minute for some reason. I totally love him, but not this song completely.
Kara and Paula want to have his children. Simon wants him to be conceited. Randy: “It’s all good, baby”.

3. Scott McIntyre- You Can’t Hurry Love/ Diana Ross
Here’s the thing. Scott is blind. Ryan consistently makes thought-less comments. Tonight he said, “Good to see you” which made Scott say, “Good to see you, too”. In the auditions, he tried to give him a high 5 and Scott just stood there and left Ryan hanging. You can’t pay to see that kind of awkwardness very often.
There’s talk about him staying at the piano or “taking a risk” and coming out from behind the piano. {Someone I happen to be watching this with says if he really wants to take a risk he should dance around the stage. The same someone tell s me not to type this because it’s very politically incorrect.} Really? Are they forgetting he is blind?

Smokey at this point is useless. He tells everyone that they are great.

I like Scott like I like Michael McDonald. I would never know who he was if I met him in real life, but he is nice to listen to. I think that his family is so super and he is probably the nicest guy in real life. Very real and somewhat immature in his social skills, but it works for him and makes him over-the-top likeable. Scott has a tough time on TV. He obviously has never seen it on TV, so he is always a little awkward with talking back to the judges, weird kind of facial expressions and why, oh, why do they make him do the dance numbers on the results shows?
Paula uses “I” incorrectly as the object of a phrase. Oh, Paula.
Would you have said, “Straight up now tell me do you wanna love “I” forever”? NO.

I think Simon is the only one who is honest with him. I think they all have been gentler in their comments to him because he is blind.

There. I said it.
I completely agree with Simon. He keeps picking bad songs. They all try to backhand compliment him and say he’s a better singer than that.
Paula gives Simon crayons and Ryan calls them “crowns”. Did anybody catch that?

4. Megan Joy nee’ Corkrey. {Apparently she is going though a divorce}- For Once in My Life/ ?
I hate to tell you, but I don’t like Megan on this show. I’m sure she’s very nice in real life and it was amazing that she sang last week with the flu. She is beautiful, but is just still or has 2 awkward moves- both involving her hand on her hip or a skirt shake with her wrist.

Smokey again has no advice at all.

Tonight she sounds and looks like she’s singing Copa Cabana on the Carnivale. This is painful. She is so stunning, but she isn’t the whole package. All the judges agree with me.
Why do they always say that they “had a good time” when they stink? And don’t you think that Ryan has the most awkward lines when he talks to them after the performance? They have the canned answers for him, but that is always an awkward interview. Like Smokey’s eyes- you have to look at it even though it's odd.

5. Anoop Desai- Ooh, Baby, Baby/Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
Do Anoop’s eyes cross? It’s either that or his eyebrows cross. I can’t tell.

Smokey is a smoke blower. This is how he got his name.
Is Anoop wearing his letterman jacket from middle school? What is that? I think the song is good, but I can’t imagine it on the radio today. I think Anoop should always sing Bobby Brown. Everybody kinda liked it. Vocals ++ Showmanship--.
Randy said he was the serious Anoop- dog and to bring the party on. I think Randy needs an interpreter to sit next to him.


6. Michael Sarver- Ain’t Too Proud to Beg- Temptations
He said he’s going to “church” it up and that made me kind of hopeful, but my hopes were crushed.
Smokey actually has some advice. He tells him not to sweet talk the song. Which, I think, means not to "church it up".
I really like Michael; he seems like a very nice and amicable, but I can’t get the image of an oil rigger out of my head. I don’t think he should have beat out the girl who left last week. I just don’t like watching him perform. I think he is great to hear, but I can’t watch it. I think he’s out of his league at this point and might fall into the crowd from all the hand shaking.
Simon said he couldn’t wait for it to end. And he has no chance of winning it. I totally said that before he did.

Simon’s haircut- where do you go to get that? I think that Mark Richt goes to the same place.
They tell him he’s horrible. He says he’s “having a blast”.
That’s about as common as Ryan telling you to wait until after the show to vote and Kara saying something about their artistry.

7. Lil Rounds- Heat Wave/Martha and Vandellas.
Lil looks like she is from the 60s, but with a flapper dress- not like this could be a song on the radio. Why do people keep forgetting that? {I can’t think of this song without thinking of the beginning of Sister Act.} Lil is such a great singer, but I wish she would have made this relevant to today. She looks like she’s trying to do a reproduction.
Randy just asked her “how you be?” {interpreter??} Kara said what I did- everyone was waiting for her and she disappointed a little. Paula has to make her feel good. Simon said it was too “fost”. I have to agree with them.

8. Adam Lambert- Tracks of my Tears/ Smokey Robinson
After last week, Adam has some making up to do. I’m glad he doesn’t have on as much eyeliner. Or “guy-liner”.
I don’t know if I like him looking like Danny Zuko.
I do like the sound, though and the box thing that they are playing.
Have you ever heard The Darkness? I know they don’t sound like the most upbeat, happy band, but they are fun- kind of a kick back to 80s hair bands. He sounds just like their lead singer- which is a compliment.
The song is really cool in the end.

Kara said she has 6 words: “That was one of the best performances of the night”. Kara skipped math for music class, apparently. All the judges love him.

9. Danny Gokey- Get Ready/ ?
He has been my favorite from the beginning.
Smokey actually has something helpful to say, again! Twice- one for each weird eye.

OK. Danny is completely ignoring Smokey’s advice that he acted like he was going to follow in the tape. And he is saying “Re-tay” instead of Ready. Oh, no. Not my favorite Danny performance. Why did he have to go to the back up singers and do the hand roll like he’s in the Brady Bunch band?

Randy said the same thing I did. Why am I here and not there? They are totally running late and hurrying up. I feel bad when they cut people short. Danny is still great and my favorite.

10. Allison Iriheta-Papa was a Rolling Stone / Temptations
I love this song and the beginning base line. I love it like the intro song to Chuck and The Apprentice. I must have a little FONK and I never knew it. Allison kind of reminds me of Kelly Clarkson. Oh, yes. She rocks it. All the judges love her. Simon drew a mustache on Paula’s face.
What’s in their coke glasses?
Who I love:Matt, Kris, Danny, Allison, Lil and ok, fine, Adam.

Who I think is going:Either Megan or Michael.

What about you? Who are your favorites? What did you think about tonight?
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Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Haha, were we channeling each other when reviewing this episode?

I about DIED when I read this comment "Why did he have to go to the back up singers and do the hand roll like he’s in the Brady Bunch band?" Oh man ... I so remember that moment even now HOURS later! Ha! Love your commentary!

Smoochiefrog said...

LOVED your Brady Bunch comment! Perfect!!!!

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my little blog! I completely agree, Megan or Michael go home tonight. I don't care which one. I hope Danny kicks it up a notch, I want him to win!

Carrie said...

I had the same thoughts last night. I love Danny and Allison. Adam is completely unique, but he kinda creeps me out. Isn't it crazy that there are only 3 women in the top 10, and one of them REALLY needs to go?

The Stain Family said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Are you "re-tay" for tonight's elimination? I could do without the cheesey dance number...oh, I wish upon a star...

Jenny said...

I'm with you on Megan. I only kinda like her anyway, but when she does that awkward crazy twitchy twirl thing with her hips I want to gag. I love Danny, and I liked Adam more at the beginning than I do now. I also love Lil and Allison. So, those are my picks to win.

I don't know why they don't have you as a judge. You were just as intuitive but not annoying at all like they can be sometimes! I vote Hillary for the next American Idol judge. :)

Anonymous said...

"Hail girls.

Hail Mary, what's up?

Well, Jerusalem's a real drag lately. Everybody hates me.

Uh-uh. Not that guy over there.

Who him? They all say he's different. They say he's really weird!

We don't care what people say. To us, he's always there."

Hill - We've got to watch Sister Acts 1 an 2 over the 4th. Well, just b/c you mentioned it doesn't mean you like it but these movies are some all time Radcliffe family favorites and we quote them often. Like when someone doesn't respond, we stomp twice and say "Sister Alma, check your battery!" etc. and of course know all the songs and dances.

Thanks for the laugh with the "Straight Up..." reference, too. Great song, poor grammar. Drives me crazy, too!

Holly (who can't figure out her password, thus anonymous)

LeAnne said...

LOVE the idol play-by-play!! so, Danny has been my favorite since his audition too...LOVE HIM!!! his vocals last night were great but i didn't love the whole performance...but he's still my pick:) after last night, i am really digging matt!! this is a great season of idol. i also think that either megan or michael are OUT!!

Hollie and Janie said...

Brian Dunkelman was on an episode of "my name is earl"... v. funny!!
Love your idol wrap-up.. I think Matt and Adam are great....
I always feel like Paula doesn't really know where she is..... it's like, oh, i'm on national tv... maybe I should pay attention and not just disagree with what the last person said....

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Loved your play-by-play! You would definitely make an entertaining judge.

And I thought the same thing with Randy. You could totally do a drinking game with his comments.

"Okay, every time he says something 'street', we take a shot." "Dude, we're gonna get WASTED!"

I also started an Idol post, but it got derailed at Megan's performance. I figured out who she reminded me of!

Nikki Sherer Burns said...

I just wanted to throw my two cents in on sweet blind Scott. Cut him-- he really can't sing and I feel people are only voting for him because he is blind. He always looks incredibly awkward and strange when he sings, and... without sounding so mean, I wish he would wear glasses or something.(Ray Charles did it!) As for Megan, she should go tonight. She destroyed her song.
We will just have to see what happens... Look forward to tonights play by play!

jerriann said...

So funny you said 10s of people met them in Motown, I so wanted to say that. Funny.

I agree with you on Michael, I like him and I have been rooting for him (not voting just rooting). I think he has a great voice, but I don't like watching him and I didn't catch it last night but I wish he would stop shaking hands with the girls. I guess if that something he's always wanted to do, he better take advantage of it now, because I do not think there is much more of it in his future.

So what is in their Coke glasses? They are a show in themselves. What's up with Paula and Simon this year, are they . . . together? So much flirting.

So I think Michael is going home, I wish it were Scott or Megan, but I think it will be Michael.

pheather said...

I didn't even know that Ryan hasn't been the host the whole time! See, you do learn something new everyday. I loved your recap and agree with you on most everything, especially Megan's hand moves (I hate them), the whole Scott thing, the whole "I just wanted to come out and have a good time" comment when they stink (the producers must tell them to say that), and Michael beating out Alexis last week. I loved Alexis and thought she would have been great this week. Matt is my favorite now, I think. How many times do you think Ryan practices "THIS..... is AmERican Idol" in the mirror at home each day?

Katie said...

Hey! Stopping in again. Love a little Idol myself and I'm old-school as well. Can't stand Megan- from her bad dance moves to her skanky tattoo, ready for her to hit the road! I love Danny, but Matt is my fave. I loved him during the auditions as well and was so thankful they gave him a wild card spot. Can't wait to see the results tonight. Would you mind if I added a button to my blog even though we don't know each other? Is that odd? Is is too forward?
Katie Snow

annieck said...

Ok, the Mark Richt/Simon Cowell comparison totally cracked me up! Both of their dos drive me crazy! Ha! How observant of you to notice that they look the same. :) What is it with the butt cut? :)
Keep it comin', Hil!

meredith said...

Dude! I too have seen every season of American Idol and voted!!! And just so you know, Brian Dunkelman showed up on the last installment of Celebrity Fit Club (seriously, call it what it is-washed up FORMER celebrities who need to go on this show and lose weight in order to revive their "careers").


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved your recap and our views were close to the same. Hope you will stop by my blog. Though I am relativity new to blogging, I am loving all my new friends.

I am giving away my first EVER BLOG PRIZE.
I have a gift basket business and it is the most requested gift over the last 15 years.

From the comments I have already received, appears to be something a little different and something anyone could use.

I have been so touched by the comments that I have decided to give 2 boxes . They will be the $100 deluxe size.
I want my blog to encourage others. I have decided that giving is life at its BEST. The drawing will be Saturday!

Holley said...

I swear you were reading my mind!! Too funny!! You were right on so many things!! This makes me laugh out loud!!

Becky Spooner said...

I love love love reading your blog. I am so glad I am not the only person in America who thinks Scott cannot sing. I don't know why thinks they are doing him a favor by voting for him. I feel bad for him but there's no reason for him to stay and others who can sing have to go home instead. And the Meghan with her hand on her hip thing is making me nuts too.


Amy C. said...

Hillary!! Once again I am lol-ing! You totally crack me up.

I love Danny too. When I saw his audition, I told Mike- I just found the winner!! He's really good. HOWEVER, he's too similar to the whole David Cook sound, dontya think? Honestly, I think Lil is just the cutest thing ever and she makes me smile! I'm pushing for her as of now. That may change. I REALLY like the unique sound that Megan has, she just needs to be fine-tuned a little. You're right, Allison is too much like Kelly.

I try hard to not miss an episode, and I've been watching since the beginning of time too! We don't have tivo, so I'm out of that loop. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out for sure!

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