Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I can't make this stuff up

This is the weirdest story and I wish I could tell you in person. My friend Cate always makes fun of my sound effects while telling a story, but this would be totally worth it. Please picture lots of hand expressions and it might help.

My wonderful mother-in-law took the kids for the WHOLE day today so I could actually get some work done during Spring Break. So, I did do a sizable amount of work, but I also went for a run around 12:00-ish because it was BE-YOU-TIFUL outside in sunny Alabam.

Let me preface this with something you need to know: we do live in a nice area. Usually free of wild women except the occasional Bunko group.

On the way up one of my final hills (I was walking) I saw a woman screaming and waving her hands. I was jamming out to my fav- tobyMac- so I couldn't hear what she was saying, but she was obviously distressed and r-u-n-n-i-n-g like mad down the hill (towards me) in the middle of the street. I heard a dog barking in the distance, so I tried to ask her if she lost her dog. Here's how the conversation went:

me: Did you lose your dog?

her: What?

me: Did you lose your dog?

her: What? (coming closer)

me: Have you lost a dog? I saw you screaming.

her: What? (even closer)

me: (Trying to vary my question here) I hear a dog barking. Are you looking for one?

her: What? (almost in my face and most definitely crossing the comfort conversation barrier)

Right now I am questioning if I can "take" her or not. (Not that I plan on "taking" people, but I like to size up the scenario when needed. This was NEEDED.) I think she might be that wired on something or maybe deaf.

I think I can take her.

me: I'm sorry. I thought you might have lost a dog or something and I was going to help you find it.

her: (screaming in my face) NO, but I lost a husband, so I'm a little CRAAAAZAAYYYY (that last part screamed with varying tones of voice just to let you know for sure she is in need of medication).

her, again: Was it a poodle?

me: I'm sorry? What?

As I was scoping the neighborhood trying to gage if I could take her, I saw a little old lady walking down the hill on the sidewalk. Great! A witness! About 10 steps more after I saw the crazy lady run away waving her hands again, this was my interchange with that little old lady with a cute little bun and a visor:

me: (no words- just puzzled expression)

little old lady: She really is crazy (said very matter-of-factly, as if she knows this street yeller very well).

I don't know a lot about grief (thankfully) and I'm sure people handle it in different ways, I just haven't heard of street running/ yelling/ accosting in any of the "Steps". Apparently they missed one.

God bless this woman if her husband really did die, but I think he might have just run away.


Kellie said...

Now, I've got some freaky stories from my early morning runs, but that beats all. Man, she did sound crazy, but I'm glad you knew that you could "take her"!!!! So funny!

annieck said...

Whoa! Now THAT is strange. I don't even know what to say.

Ivy said...

How funny! I always seem to attrack the weirdos that want to tell there whole life story:)

Jenny said...

That qualifies for the weird story of the day. At least you kept your cool, and the little old lady part is the best part! Gotta love little old ladies!

Domestically Sassy! said...

FUNNY Story!! But...just to let you know....That was ME running down the street. You didn't recognize me?


Donna said...

Weird- reminds me of a time when a woman at PCB, FL came up to me speaking spanish saying "muchos humbros" or something like that. I translated it as "big shoulders" and told my friends she was crazy. Turns out she was saying many men and was probably in trouble! I did offer her my telefono and told her where la playa was. I LOVE your blog Hill- I hadn't checked it in a long time b/c we've had company- but it is so beautiful and hilarious!

LeAnne said...

hey hill!! what a funny story..."was it a poodle?"...HILARIOUS!! i added your button to my blog because i love your new digs and it is so darn cute! you've really taken your blog to the next level...AWESOME:)

Lori said...

That is hilarious! Not something you'd expect to encounter while on a run, but at least you had some incentive to run away from her even faster!

Kelly said...

Thank you hillary for the laugh!! I sure needed it on this Monday morning. I so can see your face during this story. I just wish so bad I could of witnessed the event!!!

Sarah said...

LOL!! I'm sure you could have taken her. I just realized that I didn't update your new site on my dash so have been without you :( Glad to have you back!

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