Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mullet goes Bye-Bye

I first heard the term "mullet" from my friend, Alecia, around 2002-ish, I think. We were on a girls trip to the beach- pre-kids, but post husband- {is that how you classify things in your mind?}- and she pointed out a Mullet {you know- business in the front, party in the back?}.

We all laughed hysterically at the term and I distinctly remember my stomach muscles {I think I used to have those?} aching. We learned about all the different kinds of mullets at a website that's now down! I just checked- so sad. It was pretty offensive and UN-pc anyway, so that's alright.

I never thought the mullet would land right here in my own house, but sure enough, just as our first son had before, Henry was sporting a mullet. I think baby mullets are called mini-mullets. Whatever they are called, he had a fierce one- in a cute, baby sort of way. And we decided that it was time for it to go bye-bye tonight.

Here are the before shots:
Can I tell you that this cheez-it below was from afternoon snack... and we cut his hair after dinner?
During {yes, these are my kitchen scissors that also cut pizza}:
All business here! No redneck baby parties, thankyouverymuch!Goodbye, Mullet! I'm sure you'll be back soon, but you are gone for now. Unfortunately, Henry looks like a little toddler now *sniff, sniff*. But at least his picture won't be posted on a redneck website anytime soon.
Well, at least not for the hair. Eating old snacks found in high chair, mother posting pictures of him shirtless and large baby pot belly are still possibilities.


VanderbiltWife said...

Awwww..his little curls were so cute! I don't think I could have beared to do it.

LeAnne said...

cute!! ryan had a FIERCE mini-mullet as a baby but it was SOOOO curly that you could only see the mullet when it was wet in the bathtub:)

Kellie said...

It's amazing how grown up they look just from a simple mullet cut!

Becky said...

widdo man! i especially like how he sits around with no shirt on and his mullet. classic. if only he had a "wife-beater tee" on. if only.

Hollie and Janie said...

He's such a doll and is even more handsome sans the mullet! :)

annieck said...

You did a great job! Of course, he looked precious before and after!

Susannah said...

You crack me up! Just the terms you use!;) His hair looks beautiful!

Donna said...

And may I ask what is so wrong about a mullet? Do we not live in Alabama? Did we not go to Troy?

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