Friday, March 6, 2009

The Mac Daddy

In case you didn't know, my husband Jason is a computer nerd.
And he's okay with that term. In fact, as soon as you say it in any sort of derogatory manner, he quickly points out that "nerds rule the world".

See? I told you he was a nerd.

Since Jason is a geeky, tech-y person, he was been wanting a Mac Book for a while now. And yesterday he found his new love.
The MacBook Pro {purchased by his company, thankyouverymuch}!

I tried to give these 2 some time alone last night to bond.

So now I guess he's a switch hitter , batting for the other team - I don't know how to put this!
I guess since the first thing he installed was Windows XP, then he's not completely a convert... yet. I think it all started with our iPhones last summer and now he's in love with Apple. Or at least the idea of being cooler with Apple products. Those nerds are always trying to climb the cool ladder. Just ask Patrick Dempsey; that guy will NEVER get to be cool.

So, what are you? A Mac or a PC?


Becky said...

ok, first off, i can't even delve into the original question at hand b/c i am so disturbed that you don't share the love for my boyfriend patrick. hillary, you and i...we may have to break up. seriously. please tell me you watch greys. if not, you are dead to me.

kidding...ish. and i'd just let micah answer that question for us since he is my own personal geek. i've never met a mac, so i'm gonna go with PC.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Now I have to comment in my own comment section. Thanks, Becky!
Of course I love Grey's. That was the joke. If only my husband were to ever be as cool as McDreamy...
I should realize now not to kid about Patrick Dempsey. :)

Kim S said...

Let me just confess when I saw the title of this post I thought it would be about a McD's visit and how you stocked up on the ketchup cashe in your purse! What a surprise!

Carrie said...

I think if my company was willing to buy me a MacBook I would gladly convert!

And for the record, I think my brother was a "closet nerd" growing up. Nerds just couldn't play sports like he can!

Melissa said...

I might be a little bit of a computer nerd too, but I am DEFINITELY, 100% a PC girl! My experience with Macs was not a good one....I found the hardware to be unreliable. I'm sure they've improved by now, as this was probably 12+ years ago. However, it's still PCs for me!

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