Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mama of the Week

This week's Mama of the Week is my sweet friend, Annie.
We were sorority sisters in college and despite both of us doing some things we probably will never admit to our children, we had a great time then and "learned a lot"- most of it out of the classroom, of course.
Annie is a beautiful and precious woman of the Lord. She has 2 sweet boys and is expecting her third- a little GIRL!- this spring.
Her blog is definitely one of my favorites and you should read it. The first post there right now is her birthday note to her oldest son who turned 5 yesterday. Go read it and tell me you didn't tear up. I dare you.
Be sure to comment and tell her you popped over from here.

Don't forget to enter the Lisa Leonard jewelry giveaway! You have until Friday! Keep those comments coming! You can enter once a day. Have fun!


annieck said...

Awwwwwwww, Hil, thank you so much! You are the absolute sweetest. Thank you for your kind words. I admire you more than you know!
Love ya!!! :)

Becky said...

yay annie!!

hill, check out my blog today. you are linked to at the bottom. and you get to vote next week.

LeAnne said...


Domestically Sassy! said...

Friends are AWESOME!!

Susannah said...

That is really sweet! I'm sad...I can't read your blog at school like I normally do, the high school categorizes it as "parked" so you know it must be bad!!??? :)Ha!

Katie said...

Entering the drawing again. Love, love, love the cheerleader post. Funny funny! I've got a few great pics like those myself. Perhaps we attended the same whitie cheerleader camp! Good times.
Katie Snow

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