Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Holy Spirit v. Holy Ghost

What’s Working for me/ in me this Wednesday is the Holy Spirit.

Do you say Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit? I was raised Catholic and my grandfather {Other Mama’s husband- Big Daddy} always said Holy Ghost. When you blessed yourself {spectacles, testicles, watch, wallet} in a group, he would always say, “Holy GHOST” really loudly at the end.

However you say it, I believe that He is the spirit of God that is in all of us and He {in a ghostly manner} has been working in me. He actually has been working on me all the time, but I’ve just recently listened on a couple things that I’ll share with you.

First, my precious friend Debbi has become a Compassion International Advocate. She has sponsored a compassion child for about a year {I think} and now she works with Compassion and talks to other people about the program and what they do.

Here’s something you need to know about me: I am the person who turns the TV when Sally Struthers comes on or changes the Christian radio station when they are doing the “Share-a-thon” {or whatever they call it}. I despise the begging for money portion on the radio and the flies that you see all around those kids on the TV. It makes me so sad and broken hearted, but it also makes me cringe. Something about the desperation and longing in their voices makes me uncomfortable. I can’t quite describe it, but you know what I’m talking about. I am a charitable person, but even after I make my “pledge”, I still turn it because it’s not warm and fuzzy. And then I turn back when they are “positive and uplifting”.

That makes me happy, thankyouverymuch.

The Holy GHOST/ Spirit had been on me about sponsoring a child {for the amount of money I blow at Target daily} for a while now, but it took my friend Debbi to make it a reality for me.
She is going to Guatemala in the summer and showed me a couple of children from the area. I had told her that we wanted a boy close to my boys’ ages thinking that they would have stuff in common in the years to come. But Sunday night she said she had found a little boy with my qualifications, but also had found a little girl that she knew was in the same center that she would be visiting that summer. That would definitely give her the chance to meet her and take her things directly from us. It was a tough call, but then I got to look at the little girl. She is adorable. With the “right” clothes and updates, she could easily fit into a cute little 3rd grade in our town. But, instead she is around the world with nothing. Here’s the kicker: her birthday is April 28, 2001.

Which also happens to be the exact day Jason and I got married.

Haven't you heard the saying that "a coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous"?

So, WE HAVE A GIRL! I finally have a girl!
Please meet Waleska and join me in praying for her:

I’m so excited to find out all the things in her world and can’t wait to find out how we can be a part of it.

Second, the Holy GHOST has been working on me about a regular Bible Study. I am so bad about actually spending time with God every day, but somehow I manage to get to Facebook every day. Anybody else?

I suffer from C.H.A.O.S. pretty often. Darby mentioned that term recently and I think it was coined by FlyLady, but it definitely applies to me. It stands for Can’t Have Anybody Over Syndrome.

Our home is a WRECK and pretty much stays that way. But I bit the bullet and cleaned hid my junk to have some folks over to keep me accountable in my Bible Study. We are starting the Beth Moore Ester study and I’m so excited! The subtitle of the study is, "It's tough being a women". Hello? I'm pretty sure this is something I can relate to!
Tonight was our first meeting and oh, how I have missed me some Beth Moore! She blogs, you know?
She can bring it like Domino’s!

I will definitely keep you updated on the things that I'm learning, and I would love to know if you have done this study.

What I've come to realize {via the GHOSTLY one} about both of these things is that the idea of always having it easy is like having Easter without the Lent. You have to go through some sort of pain, discomfort and hardship to have the celebration be worthy. That's what is working for me this Wednesday.

For more tips, check out Works for me Wednesday's not-so-new home at We are THAT Family.

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Nicole said...


A#1. I was raised with "Ghost" too but it always scared me. I like "Spirit" much better. Much more P.C.

B#2. Congratulations on your new girl! Can I just tell you that we have two sponsored children. On the second, I purposely picked a GIRL named Culus from Africa among the photos they lay out at church. When I got my confirmation letter from World Vision, they said "Congratulations on sponsoring your 6 year old BOY...". Must have been some blunder in the original profile. I cant win. So now we have 3 boys of our own and two sponsored boys. Oh, and a boy dog.

C#3 or something: I am doing Ester right now! Im on week 6 I think. Girl, you are going to LOVE it. Mm Mmm Mmm... Isnt she so anointed by God? I am blown away by her sometimes. I think the video from week 5 was my favorite. Just hit right home. I hope it totally blesses your socks off...

It Feels Like Chaos said...

I have heard great things about that Ester study. I really want to do it myself!

pcb said...

Brought up with Holy Ghost but now it always seems to be Holy Spirit. Either way, you are right, we are surrounded by it and only have to listen to the nudges.

I have been feeling the call to sponsor a Compassion child for several months now. I have been on the website, searching the faces. Maybe the Holy Spirit is working through you to help me finally get His message?

Becky said...

"you have to go through some sort of pain, discomfort and hardship to have the celebration be worthy."

those are some serious words speakin' to me right now. thanks sister.

Katie said...

Great post. Adorable little girl. I'll be praying for that new blessing. The Spirit, as I like to call Him, is moving in you girl! Nice to be able to stop and listen for once huh?!
Katie Snow

LeAnne said...

SO awesome, hill!!! i will definitely join you in praying for that precious little girl. what a wonderful thing you and your family are doing through Compassion!! i've heard fabulous things about that ester study...can't wait to hear more:)

Jenny said...

Your little girl is absolutely precious! How can anyone look at that sweet face and not fall in love with her? Definitely the Holy ONE in action (Ghost, Spirit, etc). :)

I'm about to go get out my Esther book! Thanks for hosting. I suffer from CHAOS every day, and so I commend you for being brave to let all of us women into your home.

Lori said...

Great post, with lots of meaty subjects. :) We've got a Compassion child as well and it's been awesome to see our big girl learn to think of her as a real friend over the past 2 years. Your family will be blessed by the new addition, and I bet you'll inspire others to look into it as well. Have a great day!

pcb said...

I couldn't email you (my computer pops up outlook when I click on an email link and I don't use outlook for email...) so I just sent you a friend request on facebook. I DID IT! I am now the proud sponsor of Patricia, age 8, from El Salvador! My email is pecabo (at) gmail (dot) com.

annieck said...

I'm a "Holy Spirit" girl, but like you said, it's God's Spirit in you, no matter what you call it. :)
Congrats on your girl! That's awesome!!! How rewarding and what a blessing you are to that precious life.
Good for you on your Bible study! That's awesome!!! Esther is one I haven't done but really want to. Please share how it's going. :)

Kirstin said...

I'm a Holy Spirit gal too...way to be sensitive to his voice!

Debbi said...

Hillary, such kind words dear friend. Look at you...already spreading the word about sponsorship! I love it!! If any readers are interested you can e-mail me at akersfamilyof5@gmail.com

Or you can go to this link:http://www.compassion.com/sponsor_a_child/default.htm?referer=39566

I can't wait to meet your gal! I will take lots of pics and give her a big hug from you : )

Sabrina said...

One of the ladies Sunday school classes at my church is starting that very Bible Study the week after Easter Sunday. Unfortunately I don't think that I'll be able to attend due to have the baby and all. So I am hoping that they will offer it again later in the year. Keep us updated on how you are enjoying it!~

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Kind of all over the place with this post today, Hil, but I love it. We're "SPIRIT" people around here; congrats on your girl; haven't done Esther yet (but I'm not the biggest fan of BM studies. Love HER, but struggle with the books...); and I won't care at all if your house is messy when we come for our play date. ;)

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Strange, but I say both! lol

I absolutely adore this blog. This design is downright FABULOUS! GORGEOUS! AMAZING! I love it, seriously love it!

Thank you for your words of encouragement. You are made of awesome, do you know that!? :)

Donna said...

See- I'm opposite of most- I was raised Holy Spirit and now I'm ghosting it. YOU HAVE A GIRL! How amazing that she was born on the same day that you and Jason became one in Christ! You were brought into her life for "such a time as this". (My mom is doing Beth Moore's Esther and it is awesome!) Oh- and thanks for the idol recap- I missed the show- but now I feel like I'm all caught up! The Garth Brooks guy has to go as does hip-holding blondey.

Domestically Sassy! said...

Wow, that's Awesome!! You're an amazing person.

I'm sponsoring a child also..his name is Cpt. Tornado and he's 2yo and I have magic marker on my walls, bed, table and whatever else you can imagine...to prove it! haha


Sonia Parker said...

It never really thought about it, but I was raised Catholic and Holy Spirit sound more natural to me as well. Congrats on your absolutely adorable girl! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with her needs! I want to hear more about her! I am also really excited about the Beth Moore Study! Thank you for opening up your home and heart to us weekly! I think you should pose the question she posed last week to your audience. ;-) I bet you would get some great responses to share! See you soon!

Amy Nunnally said...

Hey Hillary! I just realized I hadn't seen any of your latest posts because I forgot to transfer your new page to my Google Reader. I love the new blog - very fancy! I haven't disappeared completely, just from Facebook. You hit on my reasons in this post - my life was beckoning me back to reality - kids, house, cleaning, reading my Bible! I wish I could take part in your Bible study, it sounds great! Anyway, just letting you know I'm still here. Take care!

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