Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Did y'all love Jay Leno Monday night headlines?
I loved a good "dumb crook" joke or a "Smelly- Hyney" Wedding.
So, I'd like to thank my mother-in-law for calling me this morning to inform me of this gem that was on F4 of our local paper yesterday.

Go ahead and read. You'll enjoy.

I hope you are laughing! And let me clarify: I do NOT mean to laugh AT this couple; they obviously are poking a little fun at newspaper announcements and themselves. I think they are hysterical!

The humor is on several layers, though. First, the page was covered with 25th Anniversary, 50th Anniversary- you know MILESTONE occasions. So their 29th cracked me up. Might as well celebrate now because who knows if we're going to make it to 30, right?

The next things that specifically humored me, in particular, were: 1) I loath Cracker Barrel and 2) Most of the time, I cannot stand falling asleep on the sofa. I don't know if my mother-in-law knew those details, but my husband sure got a kick out of me reading about their ideal day.

Several things I can tell you just from this tiny article:
* Buster and Trixie would NOT get along with me. I can tell you that right now. I guarantee you they are loved beyond the level of Egyptian cats. I might feed them leftover Cracker Barrel, though.
* And while I DO think sleeping until 9:00 sounds amazing, I don't know if I could then go home and lay around the rest of the day, take a nap and THEN go to bed early. Don't these people have chores? Or laundry? I know they don't have kids, but SOMEthin' to do, right?
* I love that they ASSUME that their children would have been grown, employed and would have paid for their meal. That's a lot coming from folks who have never cut up a dinosaur shaped chicken finger.

What would your faux 29th Anniversary wedding announcement say in the newspaper?


Laura said...

I LOVE this! Mine would go something like this:
Laura and Chris celebrated their 29th Anniversary on Saturday by sleeping in until 10 a.m., channel surfing between HGTV and those car shows on Spike TV. (I'll let you guess who prefers what). Afterwards, they drove around the countryside in their restored CJ-7 Jeep and took photos. Then, getting a wild hair, they decided to make it a road trip and drove 13 hours to the Florida Gulf Coast where they lived as nomads for a few months before heading off to Mexico....and lived somewhere on the Carribean coast happily ever after.

Donna said...

I'm laughing out loud.

Okay-here it goes:
Marc and Donna just celebrated their 29th anniversary. They had a big party where everyone couldn't get over how thin and youthful Donna looks. And man is she funny. Wow that Donna. She is something. What was I talking about?

Guests also remarked that they had never seen such an old Shih Tzu. Inconceivably, their high maintenance dog, Renny, whose hind-paws are on wheels and never really had a brain, is hanging on for the long run.

Marc shuttled Donna away afer the party on his private helicopter that he acquired after winning a lot of money at an Indian casino- that money also paid for his fancy hair plugs that he got for the party. Everyone rejoiced with the happy couple and even U.S. President Dakota Fanning sent them a congratulatory hologram.

Katie said...

Hmmm, I'll have to think on this one and get back atcha! I do LURVE headlines if I can pry my eyeballs open until then. Nuked some dinosaur chicken just today for lunch. The plates were returned to the counter with missing heads, tails, and bony back plates, all middles still intact.

The Stain Family said...

Still laughing....

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