Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Guided Tour

Welcome, Again!
I'm so glad you're here!

Let me show you around the new blog. Would you like something to drink? I'll be right here if you want to go get that {*ahem* yourself- sorry- I can't do everything for you}.

Across the top there you have the little links where you can piddle around:
Home, About {that's a fun page, but they're hard to write! Has anybody else tried to do that?}, Links {that takes you back to my old page with ALL the links- more info later}, Subscribe {that sends every post to you in a reader- ask me if you need help with this}, Facebook {are we friends, yet?} and Twitter {which I'm trying to get better about using}.

Some techy info: this is still technically a Blogger blog. I am using a custom domain and we're having a few difficulties getting that set up. It will soon be theothermama.com, but you will always be able to get to it from theothermama.blogspot.com. I wanted them to be the same because I'm a little OCD. Go to the About page if you need more proof of that.

More info on links: I'm going to be updating and adding more in there today. They are in different categories.
College mamas: these are friends from college
Hometown mamas: these are friends from my hometown (are you noticing a pattern here?)
Readin' these mamas: this was the nicest way to say these are people I totally stalk
Friendly mamas: these are people I know in real life or have met/ corresponded with in blog land

There are also some new things I'm super excited about!

I have a button now! You can be an Other Mama, too! Just copy and paste the code and enter it into a little widgety-gadget thing on your blog! Isn't that fun?

Mama of the week: I get to highlight a special Mama of the Week who exhibits great "Other Mama qualities". What are those, you ask? Read here.
This week's Mama of the Week is none other than my fab-o blog designer, Deanna. She is amazing to work with, manages 3 super-cute sites, has 2 little boys and is just one of the nicest people you'll ever know. If you are thinking about re-doing your blog, you should get in touch with Deanna. And I wouldn't say that unless she was wonderful. Or if you love Aprons, cooking or her own super cute site, just click on over there and tell her I sent you.
She's from California, but she's Southern at heart. We will forgive her.

The Other Mama Loves: I am going to highlight things I am currently loving and I'm still working on that section. Not that I don't love a lot of things; I've just got to get them all in that little column. {Please note here that I DO love a semicolon- properly used- and if I could just put a symbol there, I would.}

Best of The Other Mama: This is like a greatest hits area. And there is, in no way, anything technical or research approved about why those posts got selected. I just liked them.
And I thought that if someone visited here for the first time and they only saw my dog's hiney, then that wouldn't quite give them a good idea of the blog. {Insert your own dog hiney joke here.}

Have a lovely St. Patty's Day! I hope you get to kiss a Blarney Stone, find a 4- leaf clover and drink some green kool-aid {spiked with beer} today. Here are some cute activities to do with your kids!


Domestically Sassy! said...

I would like a LARGE Diet Pepsi and A LOT of chocolate....for the TOUR!

My ABOUT page was sooooo easy! I had NO problem talking about myself. ;)

A little OCD are we? We must have been separated at birth. Because if it's not perfect than it's, well...unfinished. That would explain why all my projects are unfinished!

Thanks Again for the tour..I'll be back often to see how it's goin'. Ta Ta!

Lori said...

Love your new features! The blog is great - have fun with it! :)

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Thanks for the tour....I've been dying to ask you...how much did you pay Deanna for all this? I've been in touch with her about the "deal" she mentioned to us at BlissDom, but this is way more than a header, but now I've got serious blgger envy. Can you email me to let me know? Or to tell me it's none of my business. Whatever. ;)

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